Horrible SOT and battery life on ROG Phone 5

Hello Everyone,

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ROG Phone 5
  2. Firmware Version: 18.0840.2104.56
  3. Rooted or not: No
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Perpetual
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): NA

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


I got my ROG Phone 5 a couple of days ago from the authorized dealer Flipkart in India.

The battery life is abysmally low for 6000 mah, especially considering i barely played any games or used the phone for any performance demanding task. Would appreciate prompt response, if it turns out to be a genuine issue with phone i still have about 32 hours left to get a refund/replacement from flipkart.

Most Concerning : How is it that Android System, Ambient Display, Phone Idle, Mobile Network Standby have such high battery drain ?

1) Phone is set to dynamic mode. And mostly used with 5ghz wifi signal for data needs.

2) Location is always turned off unless specifically allowed for a couple of apps.

3) Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Scanning is off.

4) 5G is disabled, and phone data is forced off ie not allowed to remain always enabled, in developer options.

5) Using 2 Sims, 1 - 3G and 1 - 4G.

6) have tried charging from 0 to 100 as well as a factory reset.

7) Charging the battery with asus bundled 30 watt fast charger.

8) Screen brightness is set to adaptive but the phone has been exclusively used indoors.

9) Refresh rate for the display is set to auto.

10) Most commonly used apps are facebook, whatsapp, chrome, youtube, spotify, zomato.

Kindly assist, i really like the phone otherwise but this battery life is unacceptable :(

Regards, Gaurav


  • ReaperZ01ReaperZ01 Level 3

    Gaurav can you do the calibration steps and then give a feedback. I completely understand the problem. Even i had it and many others. Many have reported that the calibration steps did help. Also you may try to factory reset before doing so. If you find you have no time left atleast try the calibration and then if you are not satisfied go for the refund.

  • ghost_zghost_z Level 1

    Hi thanks for the quick response, could you please elaborate what you mean by caliberation steps ?

  • ReaperZ01ReaperZ01 Level 3

    1.Drain battery to 0,( Phone would switch off by itself, try to turn on and ensure that no more juice left to power it on again)

    2. Leave 30 mins,

    3. Charge at Switch-off condition to 100,

    4. Switch it on the device,

    5. Then again Switch off and charge for 30 mins,

    6. Unplug and phone to cool down for 30 mins.

    Now after 30mins of cool down use you phone as you would.

  • ReaperZ01ReaperZ01 Level 3

    Try this. Honestly speaking many have reported this. After every firmware upgrade battery problem starts. I do a full firmware flash and do a battery calibration always .Also i request you to share additional details like what battery mode are you using?

  • ghost_zghost_z Level 1

    Will try, thanks for elaborating.

    I am using the dynamic preset and the battery menu's screenshot has been attached in the original post itself, if you need something else or more specific, let me know.

  • ReaperZ01ReaperZ01 Level 3

    After calibration depending upon usage you should atleast extract 8hrs of SOT (till 10% battery) depending upon the type of app usage in the dynamic mode. My advice to you for the longevity of your phone is to keep the phone charged to 80% next time onwards. It gives you atleast 5.30hrs SOT. Again you may also use the advanced battery mode too further enhance the battery lasting. You may check out the other threads where i have detailed it out with screenshot.

  • ghost_zghost_z Level 1

    That is all good advice but my point is shouldnt a 6000 mah battery running a 5nm soc be able to provide sot in excess of 10hours without resorting to such measures and tweaks ?

  • ReaperZ01ReaperZ01 Level 3

    Normally at 60hz you can get 9+ hrs. I have shown same results many times

  • ghost_zghost_z Level 1
    edited July 19

    Ok so you are saying that for rog phone 5 , 8 hours sot with refresh set to auto and mode set to dynamic is the norm. And for any higher sot we need tweaks. Is this true for most of us here on this forum ?

    Fair point. But all this still does not explain why or how can Android System, Ambient Display, Phone Idle, Mobile Network Standby have such high battery drain ?

    I hope an asus supp rep or dev can answer this, because if what you are saying is true and the avg sot is somewhere around 8 hours then this is a clear case of software not being able to use the available resources efficiently.

  • ReaperZ01ReaperZ01 Level 3

    Android System, Ambient Display, Phone Idle, Mobile Network Standby. For these you need to reset the phone.

  • PinkFiresPinkFires Level 1

    I noticed that, for the first week I used the phone, the battery life was horrid, but then it seemed to get better. There's always an adjustment period in which the phone needs time to understand your usage, and only then will it be able to give you a more accurate prediction of battery life and be able to optimize the usage of the battery in accordance to your needs and normal usage.

    That said, I do think the recent updates to the software have made battery life considerably worse. I'm hoping ASUS addresses this in upcoming updates. I'm anxiously awaiting .58 at this point lol.

  • ghost_zghost_z Level 1

    What's the avg sot you get with dynamic mode and refresh rate set to auto ?

  • PinkFiresPinkFires Level 1

    It honestly really depends for me because I play a LOT with it. But today I had it up for 8 hours and an SoT of around 5 hours, and all of those 5 hours I was playing games with it that all had their max settings on.

    I've also achieved 1 and a half day of stand-by with around 6 hours of social media and gaming. Overall it's not bad but I do wish it was a bit better. I still think it can be better with a software update.

  • ghost_zghost_z Level 1

    After doing this there is some improvement in battery life.

    I guess this makes sense too, i will use the phone for a week or 2 and see how it goes. At the moment, i have decided to keep the phone since everything else is brilliant and i doubt there is another phone that can provide me all these key USPs it has.

  • PinkFiresPinkFires Level 1

    Yeah I honestly think we just have to be patient for an update, because ASUS absolutely knows this is a major selling point and they need it to actually correspond to the hype. I'm sure they'll look into it ASAP considering so many people have complained about it.

  • Hi ghost_z,

    Let me know if you need any further assistance here.

  • ghost_zghost_z Level 1

    Hey @ARP_ASUS,

    There is some improvement in battery life post recalibration. Right now i am using it as usual and waiting for a week or 2 to pass before i check the battery performance and sot again.

    Will post about it then, and tag you if need further assistance.


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