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kunai gamepad's problems that need to be fixed

Rising Star I
sometimes the phone recognizes the gamepad as audio accessory when connecting via the bumper (usb-c). i have to try again serveral times to the phone recognizes correctly.
the gamepad turned off automatically if idle for a few minutes. this is too annoyed. it shouldn't turn off when being connected via usb-c. even if the phone is sleeping. the gamepad should remain being on.
when the gamepad is turned off automatically. i press the home button to turn it on. i have to wait about 3 seconds for the light on the gamepad turns on, then blacks out, and about 5 more seconds the light turns back on and the gamepad works normally. seems like the gamepad has to connect 2 times to work and takes too much time.
the buttons m1/m2 have the same behavior as button A. i don't have macro function turned on, the phone is at homescreen, not in-game but m1/m2 still act the same as button A. they should be removed their functions completely when macro is off. the buttons m1/m2 are usually pressed accidentally when the phone is lying down on soft surfaces like beds, sofas. this is too annoyed.