Call Loudspeaker Volume Low

Hi Moderators,@ARP_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS @Anders_ASUS

I am opening a fresh thread for the problem that was highlighted before by me and others too but the latest update (.57) doesn't still seems to fix as per the release notes(Optimised Speaker Playback).

It would be great if you consider this as an important aspect as most of the native calls and social app calls done are via loudspeaker on.

As i have earlier reported that the loudspeaker was great during the initial purchase of the phone which didn't have the latest firmware update,but since .56 update it has degraded the loudspeaker output quality. In comparison to the Rog 3 which i had the sound seems to be 50% low. Am sure this can ve fixed as the Rog 5 has the worlds best speakers around which many have reported and also the previous software builds did also provide the quality.


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