Asus rog 5 have mobile data slow speed issue... Network speed slow plz update patch for this problem

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  • @ankitrdx1997 We're going to need more information than that if we are to help you. 😃

    Is it slow compared to your last device using the same SIM card and operator? Slow compared to an earlier firmware version? Any details that might be helpful.

  • Slow? Which carrier are you using? There are many factors for which the slow network might occur in case of your mobile data.

    1. The area where you stay might not have a proper network of the concerned carrier

    2. There might be to much metal substances/ thick walls of you room which can disturb the network data

    3. You need to check also whether the data speed slowed down due to an update in the firmware of the phone

    And many more factors are involved. You need to share additional information like your phone signal strength and 4g strength in the area and check the above criteria that i mentioned.

    From my experience i can say that I use Reliance Jio,and wherever i use mostly i get around 60 mbps. Yes if there is a poor network then speeds wont be high.

  • Slow compared to last devices using same sim and operator... Network is full but 4g speed getting low 100 - 50 kbps.... When i insert same sim other devices speed good 2 - 3 mbps.... Many Asus rog 5 user face this problem plz fix this problem asus i request u....... my 50000 rs not worth 😭😭

  • Rog 5 i think band issue i m using jio sim on rog 5 speed 100 - 50 kbps other device 2 - 3 MBps

  • Hey ankitrdx1997,

    What is your software version? I am using JIO too with no issues.

    Have you tried swapping SIM Slot or using a different SIM just for a check

  • Is there any way to lock network band....??? Mods really serious issue network..... Speed.. Any software update for lock network band.....????

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