Asus UX-482EG Display blank frequently since day 1

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  1. System: Windows 10 Home v21.H1
  2. Battery or AC: Both Battery and AC
  3. Model: UX-482EG
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Frequently
  5. Reset OS:
  6. Screenshot or video:


My Laptop screen (both) always become blank at a random time. I have upgraded all drivers and windows OS to the latest version but the problem still occured.

Does anyone also experience the same problem? Any suggestion how to fix it?

Thanks in advance


  • I suspected a built-in graphics card driver. boot the windows os into safe mode, log into windows, see display desktop works correctly, if it works means , go to device manager, uninstall the builtin graphics device driver and then restart windows os.

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    does it occur while in power mode on & off , if so there is another thread on the HDR settings. try to see if that is the cause. turn it off and see if the problem occurs. i had a similar problem, while the power goes in to battery from AC and wise versa, the screen will go blank for a moment.

    can you reproduce the problem, it can not be random..

  • @david.raharja Do you mean blank as in it goes grey, white or black? Or does it go to the desktop? Or does the screen turn off?

    Can you be a bit more specific about what you're seeing? How long does it stay blank for?

    I have had some scenarios of all my windows redrawing which would look like everything momentarily going to the desktop. I've also had some glitches where it goes to grey or flashes a bunch of colours, but I think it was fixed as an intel power-saving display feature bug.

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