Problem with app scheduled task when screen is OFF

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already using latest firmware .49 on Rog phone 5 Ultimate

2 popular sample apps

1. FolderSync Pro

2. SMSbackupRestore

The app cannot start and run tasks when screen is OFF (e.g. sleeping at midnight)

I've already turned off battery optimization and turn on Auto start for these apps. they just cannot be triggered while screen if OFF. However, if i keep the screen ON, those tasks can start properly.

Some apps(with same battery settings as above apps) however is working

1. Whatsapp background backup at midnight

2. Automate - i tried to use this app to turn ON CPU and screen, then trigger Foldersync/SMSBackupRestore tasks. This can work properly. (ONLY if i force turn the CPU and screen lit up)

These problems do not happen with my old ROG phone 2 on Android 10


  • any moderator can check?

  • solved in Chinese forum

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