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Hello everyone. I have a question about vibro in Zenfone 8. I feeling two different vibro:

1) first type (default/regular vibro , ERM) when anyone calling or when receive message. Also this type applied in Gboard. Vibro response when typing.

2) the second type( vibro like a "knock", LRA) when you scrolling menu and reaching the end or when you do gesture back.

Question is why Gboard do not use vibro like a "knock" but use default/regular vibro? I have Meizu 15 and in Gboard vibro response working as "knock". This type of vibro tactilely more pleasant. As I understand that this needs to be configured in the software environment but if I am wrong please explain.



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  • Hello. Sorry but I am not sure which special settings you mean. I only enabled vibro in gboard menu and try to choose various response strangth. But I do not feel "knock" vibro when typing like system vibro in menus. And this does not depend which response strangth I choose.

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    Try on SwiftKey

  • I resolved this issue. "Knocking" vibro working only when you set vibro response strength as "default". If you change vibro response strength, you feel "standard" vibro. I don't know why this work like that. You can try. In my situation something going wrong and when I set vibro as "default" vibro stay as "standard" and do not change to "knock". My steps to resolve this issue: go to the Play market and remove all updates for gboard. Then install udates. Thats all. Now vibro working correct but you can not change vibro response strength.

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