My phone is restarting all the time after last upgrade. I need to downgrade but I can't :(

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I'm using now the last version 2104.145 and for some crazy reason, my phone is restarting all the time. The weird thing is that it shows the msg "turning off" like it is out of battery... But sometimes the battery is more de 80%. When I try to turn on, it shows the green circle to recharge, sometimes it shows 0 and takes about 10 minutes to recharge. Sometimes it shows the real percent, but either way it only turns on when I plug the charger in...

Sometimes also, it shows 0 battery, I charge a little, turn it on, and if I restart, it shows the amount of battery or has before... Like, goes instantly from zero to 80%

It started happening minutes after a upgraded...

But now I don't find anyware the way to do the downgrade... I have download several version, put on the root folder, restarted an nothing... I did the factory reset and de problem keeps going...

Ah by the way, it happens for no reasons apparently, but must of the times, when I open up the camera the cells goes of...

I don't know what to do anymore... I'm so upset... I use this cellphone for work, and has being a huge problema to me



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