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Please don't make this a big phone

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I have seen rumors that the new zenfone will have a normal, 6.3 inch display and feature parity with samsung's best.

It is clear that ASUS is not able or committed to actually provide an experience that can rival samsung's best. So please, don't try and lose the fanbase/niche you already have.

The zenfone 9 is a great small factor phone, with an original design and killer hardware. I love this phone and have been very happy with it other than a slightly scuffed volume bar.

However, coming from a samsung galaxy s8, there are definitely things that have been a downgrade and could have been a bit more polished. Those are minor details though compared to its aggressive price/performance ratio while still having decent software in my opinion. That, the beautiful design and the small form factor is what brought me to this phone.

If you try to take on Samsung, you will make a phone with equal or worse hardware, worse software with more bugs and a less aggressive price/performance ratio.

As I walk around with this phone, people are impressed and in awe of the beautiful design and the impressive camera system. When I give it to my friends to try using it, they are shocked at how fast and smooth it is.

Please don't ruin a great product. If you came out with a slightly better chip and battery each year, while maintaining the same price (taking inflation into account), when it is time to upgrade, I would buy it again.


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Is there a way to delete posts? I accidentally posted this 3 times.

@redstonerti wrote:

Is there a way to delete posts? I accidentally posted this 3 times.

Done 😉