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Disappointed with Zenfone 10

Star III

Dear Asus,

As a Zenfans that using Zenfone 5 & 9, I was disappointed with Zenfone 10.
Why you downgrade 2 camera sensor on Zenfone 10? Comparing with Zenfone 9:
- From Sony IMX663 to OV32C (smaller sensor size, doesn't support AF & 4K Video)
- From Sony IMX363 to OV13B (smaller sensor & pixel size, doesn't support AF, Macro & 4K 60fps)
Zenfone 10 used same main sensor IMX766 as in Zenfone 9, mean while the other Brand upgrade their main camera sensor (like Xioami 12 from IMX766 to IMX800 on Xiaomi 13).
I think you need to adjust the screen size from 5.9 inches to 6.1 inches 21:9 ratio to accommodate larger hardware and still keep it compact.
So try again next year Asus, hope you make a big upgrade on the next Zenfone 11 or 12, Good Luck!

Thank You.


Star II

Agree with the disappointment. They made it a midrange phone with midrange sensors and sell it for the price of a flagship.
I bought Z9 because it won over Pixel7 for me for various reasons and for Z10 most of the reasons is gone:
 - UW AF for macro
- selfie AF
- unified photo size 12Mpix

Why would someone choose Z10 over Z9,  Pixel 7, or upcoming Pixel 8? It would only make sense if it was priced around $550.

I am just afraid, that it would not be sold enough and ASUS managers would evaluate that 'noone wants compact phones' even if the real reason is that they did utterly bad job with Z10 specs.

Rising Star II

Zenfone 10 is very disappointing. Same z9 cameras, same z9 display, thicker, same z9 fingerprint. I was expecting smaller camera housings, symmetrical display, better location of the side fingerprint or screen fingerprint, USB 3.0 or 3.1. The only thing it's different is the Wireless Charging but the phone is thicker and it was thick already.

Star III

As an owner of Zenfone 9, I'm not tempted a moment to upgrade to 10 as it's not an upgrade at all. 

Downgraded cameras, same appearance, same size and many other *same*. I don't care about wireless charging or 6 axis stabilization which are the only new things.

Asus, Whether you're unable to supply better hardware to make a new phone or your R&D team aren't that innovative.

I agree.