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Hi since I updated my phone to the latest version, I'm starting to have a problem regarding to the mic. How can I fix it?

Asus Rog phone 2


  • AmitGardeAmitGarde Level 5
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    This is known bug. Please dont worry ASUS is already looking into this matter by collecting numerous logs and studying them. Most probably this issue will be addressed in next FOTA if everything goes well.


  • Same for me, since the latest update, i have a problem with the mic and also the sim card sometimes not detected.

  • SekukSekuk Level 2

    Both problem also happened to my device..for sim problem, i already use new sim and done factory reset but that wont solve the problem..only few times of restart is the only temporary solution right now..

  • adonisampathadonisampath Level 1
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    mic issue for me all online apps and sound recorder too...recieve of sound and talk very less to opposite side...please resolve the issue its irritating to continue video calls i need to speak loudly..after may 2021 update....

  • please give an update for mic problem ..im not able to take video calls with this problem

  • btnan30btnan30 Level 1

    I also have the exact same issue with rog ii. I think we need to wait the new update

  • We have gathered device logs for a couple of mic-related issues with the latest 2105.90 firmware update. Fixes should hopefully roll out with the next FOTA.

  • And3k5And3k5 Level 1

    Does this mean we have to wait on the regular update? This one should need an update on its own.

    I really hope this would arrive soon, since I really would appreciate my phone mic working properly in my situation lately.

    If I have to wait several weeks or months, I might have to buy a new phone...

  • We're working on providing a firmware update for this as soon as possible.

  • Hello

    Do we know When will be the next FOTA update ?

    Leaving a bug on mic for 2 months on a phone that used to "call" is not normal.

    I'd like to know When will be this next release please


  • I had to give up waiting, revert back to Android 9 (including resetting my phone 🤮😡), and then update back to Android 10. I stopped updating at 2007.27. That was the sweet spot. Good battery, snappy, no bugs at all (for me at least).

    After that every update has slowly but surely worsened battery life, heating while charging, screen refresh rate suddenly acting up, and now last but not least BOTH huge mic issues and unstable GPS.

    Gustav and crew, please take this seriously. Don't send out updates that do lots more harm than good if you plan on letting us wait this long for the fixes.

    At least give some kind of weekly report on how it's going with the fix

  • And3k5And3k5 Level 1

    Is there anything else I can do besides waiting?

    I am looking forward to capturing some very important memories, which I can't do with this freaking issue.

    - Is there an opportunity to downgrade the minimal update (so I keep the Android 10 version just before last update)?

    - Is there a open source way for me to make an update myself?

    I can't just sit here doing nothing. I really need to know an ETA or something, else I'm going to bin this brick.

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5
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    The only way to downgrade is to go back to Android 9 and update to Android 10.

    Open source way? You can unlock bootloader and flash custom ROMs which is what you are referring to.

  • And3k5And3k5 Level 1

    It kinda looks like I have no other choice than to at least try. I'm getting tired of not being able to video record or video calls. It's a really big disadvantage for me.

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