Low call volume

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The speaker volume during call is low. At highest settings I could barely understand an emergency call.

The settings below maximum are pointless. Please adjust this with a patch!

Also outdoor mode don't work for the speaker volume.

SW version: 30114160


  • Outdoor mode works for speaker volume, but when you turn on outdoor mode, what it does is gives you extra maximum volume range shown in orange in the volume bar. Allowing for additional steps to the maximum volume.

    Are the volume settings not working for you during a call, or do you find the volume below maximum "too low" to use?

  • I have the issue with the call volume. Call volume does not have orange bar with outdoor mode enabled. It stays the same.

    When I receive a call, the talk is not loud enough, and the slider is already at max.

  • The slider work well but the range is not enough. It is not quiet at all at max setting. But living in a noisy city would need some boost during calls.

  • Yes, outdoor mode is for the loudspeakers.

    1) Outdoor mode should boost the volumes even more (the tradeoff here is the audio may sound very poor when overextending beyond the speakers capabilities).

    2) The maximum in call volume (when the top speaker is used as a receiver) should be even higher.

    Have i understood the feedback correctly?

  • Outdoor mode can only boost sound output from media consumptions. I. E. Videos or audios

    So, Please note outdoor mode does not support the boost in sound output for call volume. weather its in receiver or loudspeaker. It will be same as tuned via factory i.e. In (normal/dynamic). And so call volume does not have orange bar even if you enable outdoor mode.


  • Yes I need the maximum call volume higher. Thank you!

  • Also I see at the sound settings at the different sliders there is at least 6 or 7 volume levels for many sliders like ringtone or notifications, but for call volume there is only 4 positions.

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