Hide navigation bar like on Zenfone 5

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Gesture navigation is awful because it messes up with in-app drawers and some gestures have really bad feedback. Having a navigation bar where you press buttons takes place on the screen.

On my previous Zenfone 5z there was a perfect solution : you hide the navigation bar and instead of pressing buttons you swipe up from bottom left, middle or right to use the hidden button. This was a perfect navigation system with all the benefits from the bar (long press actions, contextual buttons) without taking place on the screen.

This system rarely conflicted with in-app navigation, but if it happened, you had a button to pin the bar and everything was fine.

But on my new Zenfone 8, we have only two options : the awful gesture based system or the navigation bar.

Is it possible to bring back the 3rd option ?


  • I miss that to it was great. I now use a Z 7 and I find it strange that Asus have got rid of the camera ( front facing) and devised a flip camera so the whole of the screen is just that, a screen, then they changed the navigation bar setup so it wipes out the bottom of the screen, strange. Hopefully if enough people complain about it they may go back to the old way

  • Since A10 we are using the stock Google navigation gestures and its bottom bar - which allows for fast app switching (left right swiping on the bar). This is stock behavior and a stock Google feature in Android 10 and on.

    It is unlikely this will change in the short term.

  • The 5z still had the nice hiding bar after Android 10 update.

    Being a stock feature doesn't mean it's good. More than 2 years after 8 to 9 update I still miss the old recent app navigation menu that was much faster thanks to more apps displayed at once. Ok the new gesture navigation is faster to change between two apps but when you switch between more apps it's slower, and it conflicts with in-app drawers.

    I understand that Asus may prefer to stick with stock features rather than recreate the wheel, but that really is a bummer, these swipe up buttons were really nice.

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