Is there a fix for our issues? Are they working to resolve it. it??

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: rog 5 16/256 vairant
  2. Firmware Version: latest
  3. Rooted or not: not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): all the time

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Are they working to resolve our concern? Why have we not receive updates yet if they do. This 2.84 Ghz they advertising, why are not getting this resolve? This issue is been here already more than months. I just bought this Phone in May 31st and I am starting to regret this choice. Bought this mainly for codm, but I cannot play properly because of FPS DROPS AND STUTTERING ISSUES, even with the aero cooler on, does not give any difference. Screen recording with microphone input is not resolved. How long are we going to wait for an update to fix this, and if the next update will be able to fix this, is still a question.


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    i think MOD has sent you a PM for dev to look at or something, the new update .49 release on the ASUS website about 3 day ago. so i think it will take some time for the new update (like about 1 week if it serious or 1 month like usual). I think if a lot of people comment on this post and tag the mod i think we will have the answer soon.

  • I cant wait for 1 month update. Yes, he sent me a pm regarding the issue and logging it on a tool, send videos also recreating the issue. Done that, i hope it wqs able to shed light to our concern so they can fix this as soon as possible.. I really have high hopes for this phone, that is why I chose this over other. I got the rog 3 too. And I am impressed with its performance, ignoring the black crush. Going back to rog 5. With these issues I am presenting, it is really frustrating that the rog 3 is far better in terms of performance. Screen recording, youtube live streaming and codm pubg performace,it is really good. But my

    cocnern withbthe rog 3, the same with the youtuber "exotixgaming" it just suddenly shutdown.


  • i have the high hope on this phone too, it's the first time i switch to ROG phone because i like it so much, but when i go around forum in here and facebook, i see so many issues of it. honestly quite disappointed :(((. Hope they fix it soon and made it better like what they have told us from the beginning.

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    Same here. There was 3 options for my phone upgrade after 5 years using Sony Xperia. Choice was between Xperia 1, LG V60, Asus Rog Phone. Since I give a damn on camera, there was other advantages I prefer in phone. I choose Asus with its minuses but didnt expect bad devs in Asus team. .49 super hard fucked in terms of support and perfomance. Main goal was to play sometimes games and listen to music quite often. As expected, Asus devs shitcoded DAC to do so-so music exp. No Native DSD, No even DoP, like whaaat?! NO ASUS MUSIC PLAYER?????? 2021 outside!!!! DxD and any 32bit music always convert to 24bit, What??? there is no bitperfect play on this phone. That was my mistake to choose Asus. There is no more and probably will never be again an audiophile phone on the market. This monster DAC and 3.5mm jack is pointless if it cant work at full potential and like it should! Better buy any flagship and buy type c dac and u will get a lot more than Rog Phone 5. Even if I dont need camera, its software is garbage, Sony sensor can do a lot more, Im telling u that cause my Xperia XZ (6 years old phone) make better pics than Asus, WHAT???! And we have heat issues, bad perfomance. What kind of "Gaming" phone is this????!

  • You have already posted about these issues, logs have been taken and they have been forwarded to our dev team for analysis. I'm closing this thread as it does not contain any new information or issue. Any bug fixes will show up in future FOTA updates.

    In the future, please only create threads about specific issues that have not been covered by other users already.

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