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Can we expect Android 12 or atleast zenui 8 as asus 6z is fully capable of these features. We will be grateful if you guys implement it. @Anders_ASUS


  • AmitGardeAmitGarde Level 5

    This was same case with Zenfone 5z when Android 11 was released. we kept requesting and asking ASUS time to time with various threads as well as internal discussions, But they only kept answering that "Android 11 and Zenui 7 are still under evaluation for Zenfone 5z".

    You will get the same response here. So please dont expect anymore future OS or UI updates. ASUS has policy of 2 years OS update and 6 months-1 year of bimonthly security patches for Zenfone flagships.

    So, Now Zenfone 6/ASUS 6z will only receive few security patches and bug fixes bimonthly for 8 more months or 1 year.

    Expectation hurts, Even Zenfone 5z as a flaghsip didn't Get a happy Goodbye it still has lots of bugs and outdated security patch with its latest march (last) fimware, But even after complaining several times ASUS have gave up for Zenfone 5z. So now no more expectations is the only solution. And we as users are left really sad.


  • That is why companies like Asus not succeed like samsung,OnePlus,apple & Xiaomi....even I m having Samsung Galaxy S9 a 4 yrs old samsung phone with Android 11 updated...this is the reason this compines on top and asus is a big failure..this was my last phone of Asus in future I will never buy asus phone.

  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5
    edited June 11

    Asus right now gives you an hardware+software combination according to your liking at a lower price than the competition

    Just see this year's Rog 5 and Zenfone 8 they offer so much more at a lower price than the OnePlus 9 which has so many drawbacks

    And no bloat is another plus many ui's like oxygen os and samsung promote their own services/apps

    Red cable club on OnePlus is pinned in settings and their game manager displays pop ups

    Samsung has a ton of their own apps pre-installed and their first party apps show ads

    You can literally check "personalised ads" option on one ui smh

  • Please stop lying

    S9 won't get android 11

    And who the hell will pay a premium for shittynos and that buggy one ui

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