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Hi, I'd like to know if there is a way to activate a split keyboard while in landscape mode. I tried google-ing it but I couldn't find in the menu the settings needed.

It would be a grate feature for a phone with such a big screen to have a split keyboard while in landscape mode.

After a lot of texting in portrait mode my hands hurt ( I have big hands). The split keyboard landscape texting would be more comfortable.

Can this be added via an update if it doesn't exist in ZenUi?

Thanks in advance.



  • There is option of split keyboard in microsoft swiftkey already.

    Are you talking about this? 👇👇

    I think google keyboard also has it in there settings you just have to search for the option to enable split keyboard.

    Microsoft swiftkey has option called "modes" where i can enable it. I think you must search for similar option in google keyboard if you are using google keyboard.


  • Thanks for suggesting swiftkey, I tried it but it is not I am searching for.

    I might have not expressed my thoughts well, in my mind split keyboard is like the keyboard is on the two ends of the screen and the messaging app in the middle (the screen to be divided in 3 parts: left half of the keyboard, messaging app, right half of the keyboard. Due to the ratios of ZenFone 7 it could be done and be very comfortable.

    Can this be done?

    Thanks again, AmitGrade

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