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ZenFone 7pro camera Flip

My phone yesterday accidentally dropedd and now I receive this notification can any one help me ? Even if I use back or front camera .

screenshot-20210524-140345295.jpg screenshot-20210524-140740869.jpg screenshot-20210524-140752328.jpg

Picking up the sound from the mic is bad A11

There is a problem with the microphone, the sound is low and the bass is not balanced. We have tested it on Snapchat, Telegram and WOLF PalringoWW_30.41.69.51

Asd518 by Star III
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Zenfone 7 notifications fix ???

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:Model Name:Firmware Version:Rooted or not:Frequency of Occurrence:APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):In addition to information above, please also provide as much det...

Roystoys by Zen Master III
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Battery capacity

I use an app , accubattery,, and normally I wouldn't put much into the results eg when I charge my battery to 100% from say 15% and check what the app says about the health of my battery it says 92% or there abouts it has done this from the word go ....

Roystoys by Zen Master III
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Just another bug or two

I should have taken the advice my friends from the SNB forum gave me which was,, Asus phones are alright but buggy,, and weren't they right. Firstly when my phone is connected via Bluetooth to my 2019 Toyota HiAce and I receive a call from my wife he...

Roystoys by Zen Master III
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