YES another ROG 3 cracked from inside

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So yeah the story begins last week. No drop what so ever the phone display just started goes into four pieces with violet, black and blue screen in display and then within 2-3 hours the display just gone blank black screen, the display still have the feedback from the touch screen though, the phone can still powered on like usual, then fast forward a few days when im planning to go to asus repairment center I've notice a crack inside the screen.

And guess what the asus service center had to say ? no we dont accept this kind of problem under warranty card. if u want to fix this ph

one u need to pay esimated RP 3.500.000 ( $200+) this is not fixed price though.

So i ve been reading all over other discussion, I ve noticed that other user have this kind of similiar problem, This is a new Phone that just been bought at september last year.

Im gonna go straight to the point here, Asus what are you gonna do about this problem here ? i m kinda feel cheated here, the phone just broke the display it self, the crack on the display is coming from inside the phone.

So Asus what are you gonna do with this problem ? mod can you solve the problem ?


  • Is that a tencent or global phone?

  • sudhi.ksudhi.k Level 2

    ROG 3 from inside and ROG 5 from outside. So we have to wait for better built phone now.

  • hello admin /asus are you gonna turn a blind eye on this one ? =)

  • This is something that can happen with every phone and I'm not surprised that you have managed to find others who report that their screen cracked from the inside too. What they will fail to tell you is that they have dropped their phone a couple of times before this happened. The last drop may have happened days or even weeks before the screen crack so for the customer, this will be experienced as it came from nowhere and that it must be a bad sample.

    There has been models from more than one manufacturer where there really was such a thing as a self cracking screen without dropping the phone even once. With these phones there was a lot more than a couple of posts. The manufacturer could even find the reason why the screen could potentially self crack.

    But this is not the case with ROG Phone 3. We don't get that many reports of this issue and we can't see any design error that would cause the screen to crack.

    I'm not going to say why the screen cracked in your case. It's always up to the local ASUS Service to determine if the screen cracked due to an earlier drop or if it might actually be bad sample.

  • Looks like you drop it. Any damage to the screen if it's the owner fault your warranty doesn't apply to it. I drop mine and had to pay 20k for it. The crack is also smaller than yours it also made whole screen violet to black.

  • sudhi.ksudhi.k Level 2

    You paid 20k for replacement of screen which has Red Black and other colour issues. What a waste of money. I think even after replacement of screen the issues have not been resolved. Just wanted confirmation because if someone complains we get advice to visit service centre for screen replacement or solution for those issues. Hopefully mods will stop suggesting to visit service centre from now on.

  • Jesp.rJesp.r Level 2

    Screens don't just crack from dropping your phone. It can be for various reasons, the same at a certain moment pressing something on the screen or perhaps accidentally at some point you sat down with your mobile in your pocket. I had a friend who happened to him on a Samsung s6 Edge for leaving the phone in the sun for an hour. The heat caused the internal screen to crack, and of course, I am not under warranty. I'm very sorry about what happened to you, I know how you feel, but I don't think that's a defect on the screen. It is my opinion.

  • Well clearly asus is a bad company im not gonna argue with certain someone that tells me that i drop the phone while i know that the screen doesnt get crack from falling.

    My prediction why my screen crack is probably from the heat when playing game on the phone

    Clearly a bad buy, a bad brand, i think im gonna switch again to phone brand from korea

    What intrigue me most is how they advertised the phone for gaming yet such fragile build

    Im never gonna buy things from this brand again very very bad brand and waste of money

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