asus tuf fx505 gt and problems/errors

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Detailed description:I purchased a tuf fx505 gt GAMING LAPTOP, in august 2020. Within weeks i had blue screen error message,"your pc has encountered an issue and will need to shut down. " Whereby it shuts down immediately and comes back on in BIOS A-Z Utility page? Then it constantly crashes will not open files or folders and will not allow restart or shut down from on screen,has to be forced off by holding power button in repeatedly. Cost me 2 EXTERNAL HARD DRIVES??? Then it is incompatible with GAMING SOFTWARE FROM ELGATO+OBS STUDIO both reputable companies,and now i discover from Samsung it is incompatible with samsung smart switch so cannot back up my smart phone data,which i did last year on a cheap i3 intel lenovo laptop??? Too many other issues to mention ,my advice never buy this laptop,i will never buy asus products again...


  • Did you restored the system to the previous point? by booting with usb bootable Windows Pendrive.

    For getting blue screen of death, there are different reasons.

    Did you booted windows os into safe mode and then have you uninstalled graphics driver.

  • Hi there,

    May I know your BIOS and windows version?

    What are the function or programs or game were you using when the laptop crashed?

    Does the laptop crash when you disconnect all external devices?

    If there is any error message or screenshot of the issue, would be very helpful.

    Thank you.

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