Dialer screen not working and blinking on Asus 5z

surajdeep159surajdeep159 Level 1
edited June 2021 in ZenFone 5 Series

Is anyone facing this issue where the dailer app isn't working and is just blinking


  • Clear cache and storage of phone app and contacts app this should solve issue.

    Steps to clear cache & storage :-

    Settings > apps & Notifications > phone app/contact app > storage > clear cache/clear storage/force stop > see if issue gets solved.

    If still issue not solved then try clearing ASUS launcher app cache & storage using same steps as mentioned above. And see again if phone app behaves same.

    After above steps issue exists then please check with safe mode and still if you see that phone app is behaving same in safe mode than just restart and again comment here back

    Steps to entre safe mode :-

    Press and hold power button for few seconds > tap & hold on shut down option > system will ask you to entre safe mode > click ok and you will entre safe mode.

    To exit safe mode just restart.


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