Apps change color/get a green tint when closing them

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When I close apps by swiping up, they change color a little bit. It's really noticable with dark grey colors in apps. A good app to test this on is reddit in night mode, the dark grey becomes a bit lighter with a slight green tint.

The main problem is that the app will keep this tinted color when I open it again. After using the app for a few seconds (or often by reloading something in the app), the tint disappears and it looks normal again.



  • Did you adjust splendid settings?? Also what is display refresh rate set to? If its 90hz /120hz i think than this is normal behaviour because every other device with higher refresh rates behave same. How is the display behaviour on 60hz??

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    I did adjust the splendid settings, but going back to default didn't fix it.

    It seems to be because of the Auto setting for the refresh rate, that also explains why it changes dynamically. 60Hz looks good, 120 a bit greener, and 90 the greenest.

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    I came across issues related to your query on forum and i found out this replies from official moderator. Have a look. 👇

    So most probably this looks normal for higher refresh rates and nothing can be done here. Last hope is you can replace your device from seller or visit service centre and get it checked.

  • I take it that you're using Auto Hz and it sounds like the phone switches from 60Hz to 90Hz when you kill the app. When using low brightness and dark mode, 90Hz will look more green than 60Hz. There's no way around it. The only alternative would be for us to remove 90Hz all together like other brands have and I don't believe this is what you want?

    We will try to improve 90Hz but it will never look as good as 60Hz.

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