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Look at this !

This is the proof that double tap to wake up gesture is broken after updating to latest OTA .123

There isn't any third-party apps which trigger this issue/bug.

After Turning off-on, It works perfectly as you can see in the video.

Hope You can now understand and do needful into this as it is not convenient or practical for the users who use is.

And it is not any hardware fault because it is being faced by many users right now.

Thank you.

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  • Hi, we'd request you follow the below steps:

    1. Double Tap issue Clear cache & storage of UI.

    3. Check if nothing is blocking proximity sensor 

    4. Also Check under safe mode for Double Tap issue

    Hold the power button for 5 seconds => When the screen flashes with option => Press & hold power option => You will get an option to restart in safe mode 

    # How to enter and exit "Safe Mode"


  • hkorkuthkorkut Level 2

    Why aren't you convinced Asus officials? There are many problems presented with their evidence. It is not a solution to send your device to the authorized service whenever we say a problem. please a little serious

  • If u have restarted ur device recently after clearing cache, it will work, but after sometime same problem. By the way how u cleared cache?

  • Go to apps and search system ui app. Then clear cache.

  • Double tap to wake is not working perfectly and this bug which comes with .123 firmware.

    And I have told this thing in multiple threads but there is no response from Asus sadly.

  • After the.123 update my double tap was misbehaving several 2-3 times u can say. And from there, After that i am not seeing this misbehaves. I dont know how it got automatically fixed. But i am afraid & not sure when will i face this bug again. I have asked this to look into i hope moderators will take a look at this thread. If users who are seeing this bug agree & able to share logs of there device showing this problem. Then hopefully devs will solve it. Hopefully moderator will soon be commenting from now.please follow the steps he will ask you.


  • Cleared System Cache mutliple times.

    Since purchase i havent even changed tempered glass of the screen so definitely it is not causing any problem for proximity sensor.

    After rebooting or power off, it works perfectly even if you turn it off and on from settings, it works.

    But it happens after somtime. What's about it ???

    Cant you fix it ???

    Do have to manually turn it off and on everytime to make this work ???

    Is this your solution ???

  • Clearing system ui application cache worked for me. No issues after that.

  • Can u please explain in detail, how u cleared cache. Its really an annoying issue.

  • Go to settings-->apps& notifications-->search for system ui app-->storage and cache--> clear cache.

  • The same happened with me. I have tried clearing cache of UI as well as settings. It gets fixed for sometime and then randomly, issue comes back again. Turning the double tap to wake off then on or rebooting the phone temporarily fixes it.

  • Hi all,

    One of user from you all may have got DM. I guess most porobably @[email protected] should get it from moderator asking about your device logs and steps to capture those logs just follow all the steps and hopefully if devs find something with logs they should definetly fix this annoying bug.

    Keep checking your DM Guys.


  • It happened for me once

    I switched off and on for double tap to wake and now its not happening for me since 4 days.

    never restarted my phone till date since 4 days

    lets see for how many days I am not encountering this.

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    Hi all,

    One more italian user on IT forum with same issue i dont know why ASUS is not accepting this fact of real problems with Zenfone 5z. Last update improved backup but few useful features seems like messed up.

    I know support is ended for 5z but before giving up please take a look at some important bugs which require definete fix as daily use features are bugging. Please fix this with one last firmware update for Zenfone 5z.

    Here is that another italian user thread you can take a look at it with using built in translator in browsers. I have shared my feedback in comment to Asus there as well. 👇👇

    Apart from that i am also feedup with powermaster smart switch option bug since 8-9 months. System doesnt come out of power saving mode is the issue there after full use of smaet switch option.

    And another issue is this double tap sometimes really very annoying happens anytime most of the times is after a phone calls and sometimes in between.

    3rd issue is with screen recording. If system is set on sleep that is 2 min. Than if i start screen recording it gets inturuppted in between sometimes and hence recording gets saved and stopped. This happens only sometimes.

    Last but not the least is outdated security patch to a Flagship device at the time of farewell.!

    We hope for fix of all above bugs and also qualcom m modem issue fix with latest security patch as a last happy firmware for Zenfone 5z.

    This experince is really bad as a flagship device owner atleast i think ASUS should make 5z more stable before saying a good bye. we are just requesting for one last firmware please make this happen. @Gustav_ASUS @CH_ASUS @ARP_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @fussion_ASUS @Christine_ASUS @Titan_ASUS @Kris_ASUS @Laura_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS


  • I have provided bugs report 2 times about auto-rotation issue, see still no solution, Asus really sucks in software department.

  • This is really very sad :(

    Auto rotation is not much issue to me but, powermaster is most important.

  • For me, auto-rotation n double tap to wake, is more important.

  • hkorkuthkorkut Level 2

    Hey Asus. Do you hear? I think software development engineers are in deep sleep. Please be quiet.

  • hkorkuthkorkut Level 2

    What we want is a good rom. We don't expect much. Why do you persist in silence? We paid to buy this phone. We didn't get it for free. Why are you acting like it's free?

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