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  1. Model Name: Rog Phone 3
  2. Firmware Version: 10
  3. Rooted or not: not


I have a question that i dont see any chargers and cables which has compatibility to my rog 3 on the official asus shop site. I see conf only for rog 5 so I want to know if these new accesories has a backgen compatibility and i can buy one charger with no future issues to my phone ;)

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    Just a quick update on the experience with the Asus Service team in regards to the Charger and cable issue that i am currently facing.

    My charging cable somehow seems to be not working out properly. I reported in this forum and was asked to contact the Customer Care. One of the Regional Team Leader called me up and i explained how lockdown has affected the warranty of my cable and that service centre are shutdown. She was very kind and humble enough to understand the problem and gave me an update wherein i could pre order the cable and also visit the service centre and submit my cable. Yes they said that it will take time for the cable to arrive due to lockdown but that's not an issue. I was further intimated by the service centre that my Invoice copy doesn't have the Serial Number mentioned for which i have to contact Flipkart and get the bill rectified ,which i have already informed and they are working on the same. I had this information passed on to the Regional Team Leader who had called me earlier and she was kind enough to understand the issue and told me that being a premium phone customer they would get the information from Flipkart as they have direct link with them and sort out the problem and get my cable also. 

    Now this is something amazing service which i have never experienced before with any brand. Hopefully i will be getting my original invoice corrected and also the cable replaced. I am glad to share this experience as your team has gone out of the box and is considering all problems of the end consumer and is still so helpful by nature. 

    Would request the moderators here to pass on this information to Asus TEAM India. @Titan_ASUS @and06tw

    @Anders_ASUS @gusarta29


    Name of Regional Team Leader- Pushpa Rani.

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