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  • @Danishblunt Please, no insults or you will get warned

    @ghyzriellgalez06 you just need to be patient about your issue. We've already collected your log and looking into it.

    @ChillyRide I've already asked all the questions you're asking long before the product was finished and the simplified answer to all of them is that it's not possible. Technical limitations. So it has nothing to do with us forgetting to put some extra lines of codes to enable 32bit/384Khz output. Btw music files with this format is really hard to come by and it might have something to do with what Danishblunt said. There's no point. Even if we didn't down sample to 24bit/192kHz (which we need to do), you wouldn't be able to hear the difference. As for the music player. Why would we make a music app when there are so many good ones out there? And FYI it's possible to play local music files with the pre-installed YT Music app even if it's not great at it.

  • Replying with your broken english and no evidence only makes you look like the typical crying wannabe experts we have on the forums here. You fit right in, mr. Self proclaimed advanced audiophile.

  • The limitation is that music is being recorded in 24bit. Nobody is recording their music in 32bit, there exists only 32bit float formats to store the files, hence 32bit dacs exist. Its their only purpose.

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  • No it's not. No idea where you get that idea from.

  • Thank you @anders, i just love the phone, and its frustrating that i am having these issues. Thanks anyways, I will be patient here.

  • Arrogant know it all kid brain, how can you state that it is not a hardware? Where did you got that idea from?

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    Bro, regarding the microphone issue in screen recording. When ingame mic is on, such as codm and pubg, the microphone input in screen recording will not capture your voice in screen record, but the in game mic, it works just fine.

    But when you turn off the in game mic, yhe microphone input on screen recording will capture your voice just fine.

    Is this a software issue?

    Also, the clockspeed fluctuations. Having an average 1.56 Ghz even with xmode plus. Is this a software issue that can be fixed with an update.

  • I cannot say much about the unstable clockspeeds as I am not sure what ASUS has done with the new update. I havent looked to much into the Rog5's source code. I know about the performance issues, but what is causing them that I cannot tell for sure, only make guesses. I do know that the phone also throttles when utilizing the GPU to the max as well, which was demonstrated perfecly on techutopicas emulation video.

    As for the microphone it should absolutely be a software issue. I'm not sure what exacly is going on there, but I know that since A10 multiple apps should be able to use the microphone at the same time. I would say it's best to let @Anders_ASUS know about it if he didnt already forward it to the devs already.

  • Thank you for the information bro.

    Gustav already sent me a PM with instructions how to create logs and screen recording recreating the fps drops and stuttering issues. I also send them a screen recording with logs for the microphone screen recording issue.

    I hope he was able to escalate it with the devs and the devs are now working to resolve these issues. I hope the next update will fix this, and the update will be soon. Thanks bro.

  • As for performance issues, it's hard to say if it will ever be fixed, given the huge uproar on the SD 888 in general. The microphone glitch will more than likely be fixed, I'm very certain about that one.

  • I think ive read one of the comments stating that this is only happening to rog 5 and not the other SD 888. Still, I am hoping this is a software issue that they can fix and fix will be made on the next update. I have high hopes for this phone. I belive they will do it,it just the 2nd end of the 2nd quarter of the year, which they have a lot of window of opportunities to resolve this to increase their still. I hope.😅

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    Well, thats not true! Dac in RP5 capable 32bit + float/384. It can be activated manually and outputed, logs show its playing 32pcm and pcm_float with no problems. The problem is non of players cant path through it in AUTO bitperfect mode. Only manuall selecting 32 or float when playing such hi-res files. Also it upscale 16 bit files to 24 in both players, uapp and neutron and downscale 32 to 24. Sounds like hard locked to 24bit. All settings done correctly. Technically no limits, limitations in code but in which one? System, audio players code or both? Contacting both players support to guide where is the problem.

  • Anna-KinAnna-Kin Level 2

    Not sure if this is a known issue or not, but during calls while using the internal speakers the bottom speaker is louder than the ear piece speaker. Which causes serious echo issues for the user on the other end.

    The phone is not on loud speaker, all updates are installed, and bought the phone 3 days back or so.

    Is there any fix for this?

  • PinkFiresPinkFires Level 2

    I have at least three bugs that I would love to have squashed:

    1) If you use Twin Apps, your gboard settings will get reset eventually (if you have a picture as your gboard background, or if you have any other preferences set, they will all be reset to default. This only does not happen if you're not using Twin Apps, making the usage of this useful feature extremely annoying).

    2) Some games (Pokemon Go, Wild Rift, Arknights) will sometimes flash some static. It can be the full screen or just a tiny bar, but it's basically like an old TV with the static rain.

    3) Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but my wallpaper becomes darker than the original image, even if I set the phone's theme to light theme.

    I can confirm some call issues as well, mostly now it's only a problem when using speaker phone, people can't hear me properly.

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    If its a normal voice call via your carrier then i would like to inform you that

    1. Normal mode- Earpiece speaker only works.

    2. Loudspeaker Mode- Both speakers work.

    Yes during voice call we do have some echo problem while on loudspeaker which the recipient does complaint (to some extent)

    Calls made through apps also have the same problem.

  • Maybe we should hire you instead of our audio engineers who has a long experience in this field :)

    This DAC is also used in DACs that has nothing to do with Android and you're reading from the spec sheet from ESS. Just because their paper says it's possible, doesn't mean it's possible in our phone. Or that there's any point in doing it. If we were to trick it into outputting 32Bit 384 kHz with a special music player, then you would be super happy even though there's no audible difference. Right? You wouldn't know what we did, but just seeing those nice numbers would give you instant satisfaction.

    I'd say it's better to focus on that this is the currently best sounding phone with an integrated 3.5mm audio jack. That's what matters.

    1. We're working on this one
    2. I haven't heard about this one. I will send you a PM with log instructions
    3. I will ask you in a PM to send me a screenshot and original wallpaper image

  • We're already looking into an echo issue reported by some users

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    I am also experiencing that issue bro. The gboard, no matter waht settings you use. Normally I enable '' number in row'' and turn off "auto correction".. After few minutes, the gboard settings will revert back to its default settings. Now I am using a third party app to have a keyboard that does not go back to its default settings.

    It is really uncomfortable , since you are using a diffrent layout from what you are used, the gboard.

    Please Asus team take a look into this.

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