Internal Microphone Audio

Can somebody help me why I cant hear microphone audio when i screen record PUBG on my Rog 5? Just hear internal audio. On rog 2 can record both microphone & internal audio. Help me please.


  • If you have no headset and select microphone, then it will record microphone only and whatever that's picked up from the speakers. Choose internal audio and it will record internal audio only.

    However... if you do have a BT headset and pick microphone in record audio, then it will record both the internal audio and from the phone microphone if I'm not mistaking. If you have a wired headset then it will work the same way but I believe it will use the mic on the wired headset

  • Thanks for respond. Im using wire headphone and still cant hear internal & microphone sound when im screen record. Just hear internal sound not microphone sound. How to fix it ya?

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