My GPU stuck at 300mhz while gaming

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so I have zephyrus s (RTX 2070), its kinda almost 2 years i buy this laptop. so its start from past few months, i play like dota or pes maybe, its running well early, but after 5/10 minutes its start verly lagging. I see my fps drop to 10, not even more than that. so i go checked my armoury crate said that gpu freq only 300mhz and its already on plugged. i try many solutions from other forums or youtube video that end nothing for me. can u guys give me the best one for me to fix this?

at least give me the proper solution before i take this to service centre again, btw i already changed the mobo for 2 times,


Zephyrus S (GX502GW)

Intel I7-9750H 2.6Ghz

RTX 2070 (115W)

Graph driver 466.27

last windows update



  • add game executable files in Nvidia control panel , before playing games , connect AC adapter to lapyop.

    At present, disable or turn off armory crate and then play games.

    Before playing disable background applications, disable or delete all tasks registered under task scheduler.

    turn off antivirus applications including windows defender.

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    thx mate, but i almost cant get some ur tips, or all of it lol

    • disable or turn off armoury crate, it means what? not to open it while gaming or uninstall it?
    • add game executable... means add my games to program settings in manage 3d settings right?
    • disable or delete all tasks registered.., mean i just open my game and closed others app?
    • and the last one, you mean windows defender firewall, i dont have 3rd app or kinda like that for antiivirus, should i turn off the windows antivirus?

    thanks mate, correct me if im wrong, or maybe u can explain the detail step on each ur point

  • Hello Yuvandi,

    I suggest to ignore RAJU for your case. Thank you.

    May you check in Armoury Crate to see the the mode you set to, the GPU temperature, Hz and fan RPM when the issue occurred?

    Please share the screenshot if possible.

    Thank you again.

  • YuvandiYuvandi Level 1

    Hello Blake,

    thx for respond man

    heres my screenshot in game and my armoury crate, hope u have an idea for this,

    for ur information, i always reset my laptop to previous setting, after try unuseful tips

  • Hello Yuvandi,

    May you check if your BIOS has updated to version 310?

    If it is already updated, please enter BIOS and load default setting again.

    And please reinstall Armoury Crate and let me know the version you are using now.

    If you switch to other mode, or like set fan speed to 100% in manual mode, does the game lag?

    Thank you.

  • YuvandiYuvandi Level 1

    hello Blake,

    ive already do what u said, update and reset bios, and reinstalled my crates. but it keeps drop to 10 when 10-15 minutes after playing, and back to normal after 5 minutes lagging, and drop again.

    even i played in manual mode with 100% fan speed, just the same result as before

    btw my version crates is

    Thank You

  • Hello Yuvandi,

    Please kindly send your device to our service center to check on the GPU hardware.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Thank you.

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