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I would like to remind you again of the situation. Is there a chance to choose O2 Telefonica CZ?



  • No, sorry, not today. Don't know about the future. Maybe

  • could anything like that be possible?? I mean ASUS just enable these properties so we can test it...


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    Thank you for MTS RU volte & vowifi support.

    Please add Megafon RU next, this is biggest provider here🙏

  • How about giving the user option to use VOLTE without being supported by the provider? I can understand that it takes a lot of time and money to support VOLTE for a provider, but if you are not willing to spend the time and/or the money then please allow us to use it but without support. saying that if there is a problem we cannot fix it since you don't have support. Exactly like the custom roms provide it....I doubt there will be legal issues with this since all the custom roms use it....If not, please speed up the VOLTE support for the markets where you are selling the phone...It's been more than 6 months since I bought the phone in Germany and there is no work about VOLTE support for Vodafone DE.

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    Can you run volte on zenfone 7pro? zenfone 8 has choose O2 telefonica CZ

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    I would love if you enabled the dial for the zenfone 7 pro as well. Thank you

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    Volte & vowifi 02 czech republice Zenfone 8. Please next update fór Zenfone 7 pro?

  • Hello, it would be helpful if the whole of Europe would be activated. O2 is switching off UMTS in Germany this year.

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    Hello! Telenor Hungary volte expected? Zenfone 7 Thanks. Attila

  • No answer is also an answer.

    Top bad ASUS!

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    O2 and Vodafone Germany. Call quality is terrible sometimes.

  • Not to mention that the internet connection drops to 2g while on call making it useless to search for something while on phone call

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    please let me know if you work for voLTE o2 cesk republic? I can't work without it

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    And Megafon RUS

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    Please include Movistar Peru, I am struggling with voice calls

  • azus produck is very good

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    I bought an Asus Zenfone 7 pro in my country in the Czech Republic and I expected you to work on operator O2's VoLTE support. Unfortunately, this did not happen and I had to sell the phone. In 2021, voLTE is a basic feature. I'll be back when you fix it. Regards Asus.

  • Hello,

    Is there any chance to enable volte for Telekom Hungary? For Zenfone 8 it works perfectly and I would love to use it on my Zenfone 7 too.


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