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i got a call asus person that i can get a free replacement regarding my screen burn in and restarts

so after 3 weeks of phone submission ,2hours of travel everytime they call me and no answer from service center ,finally service centre guys called and told me that you got a tiny scratch on you bottom side of display and it cannot be replaced

wow asus i mean those guys should have told that to me in the first place about it. i mean 3 weeks of waiting and all get is rejection wow

wow great replacement by asus ,from now i will never trust this brand ever again in my life ,and i will even turn down every one of my friends and fellow mates from buying asus products

i HAVE to LIVE THIS this phone with deeply disturbing pathetic screen burn in display until i can no longer can

thank you so much for your rotten phone 2 and good bye

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  • Hi anjubunny123

    Thank you for your asking. I would like to take a look of the case for further checking. Can you go to your inbox and PM me your SN, IMEI, RMA and personal information? Thank you.

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    Hi was your phone under warranty when they called for free screen replacement?

    I've got screen burning on the fingerprint sensor even though I don't use fingerprint sensor that much... I use face unlock or put in pin otherwise

    It's very prominent on shades of blue.

    Anyway workaround for correcting the screen burning???

  • i was out of warranty by a mile ,but asus gave me complimentary service for faulty display and random restarts

  • after one week of submission ,i called the service center and they told me that sir mb and display part has been approved when i asked them, they told me that display and mb will fixed within a week ,how can they say to me that display module is approved and after 2 weeks they just fixed mb and told me display cannot be serviced ,i mean how can they just tell me that display part is approved and then after 2 weeks just the mb

    service center are responsible for providing wrong information in the first place by telling that display approved for sure

    how can they do that to me

    i am really disappointed with their service, and tele customer care even called before a week and told me device is ready and i can take it back but when i travelled for 2 hours and reached the service center they told mb is yet to come

    what the hell is going on in there

    they gave me word that display module is approved and we will fix it in no time and they turned against it

    pathetic service and

    now i am demanding display module to be fixed like the service guys told me they would and i am demanding it

    or else consumer court will be only option to go against asus and that service center for providing faulty info, for miss leading me into all of this

    please help me in suing those service service executives for miss leading me that display part is approved and then turning against it

    i demand display module to be fixed just like they said

    please help me, i want justice

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    you are not going to win bcp your device is out of warranty and they provide you free repair specially.

    As i saw, there are some users received free MB repair for auto restart issue. Seems that you are the same case as them. Haven’t heard of free LCD replacement this moment yet. There may have misinformation between repair center guy and you.

    Besides, no matter in warranty or out of warranty, crack LCD never has free repair. Even repair center want to fight for you, the CID re-assessment by tech team will fail.

    Still nice that you received a free mobo even you are out of warranty

  • mb is free because mistake is on their side,and the service told the display is approved ,why would he do that .

  • if you are gonna help me with taking legal action please help or else please do not reply

  • ASUS has little to nothing to do with the service center. These service centers are all 3rd party centers, they are not owned by ASUS but instead hired by ASUS to act as some sort of hub. This is also why the quality of the service center will drasticly change based on region you live in. What probably happened was, that the service center told you replacement would be free but when sending the device to ASUS, they got told that the display will not be free. It's very important to note that burn ins on OLED is extremely common, this is why it's strongly advised to never use always on display or letting the screen turned on a stationary screen for longer periods of time, Burn in is pretty much considered the same as cracking the screen or using the battery of a phone, it's just normal wear and tear, there is no way you can get warranty repair for that. Suing probably won't do you any good because what happened at best here was that the service center gave you false information, the story would be different if they told you it would be free, repair it and refuse to give it back until you pay, then u'd have a case, but as it stands now the best you could do is post a bad review or similair explaining your situation.

  • Hi anjubunny123

    Thank you for your reply. After checking with the local team, please note that your device is out of warranty.

    The local team had already provided you a Motherboard repair free of cost due to special occasion. However, they didn't mention out-of-warranty LCD repair is free of cost and Customer Induced Damage LCD is always regarded as customer self-paid repair.

    There may have some misunderstanding between the repair center and you. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. Thank you for your continued support and patronage.

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