Laptop Screen on ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 goes black after flashing green/flashing lines

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  1. System: ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 Win 10
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: ZenBook Pro Duo UX581
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Random
  5. Reset OS: Yes
  6. Screenshot or video: I'll have to take a picture next time it starts happening.


Detailed description:

I have a brand new (delivered on Jan 9th, 2021) ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 laptop and the main screen when I first got it would randomly turn off after turning green and flashing like white/green tint. Sometimes it would happen multiple times and I would close the laptop and open it and it would work, then do it again. Sometimes I have to completely power it off by holding the power button down and restarting the system for it to work.

The bottom screen continues to work fine, but the top screen will go completely black and I can sign in to windows while it is like this and everything. It was happening more frequently when I first bought it, and I was going to return it but life got in the way.

Tonight it is happening again, it just happened twice and I'm wondering if it could be a loose cable that connects the main display or something inside the laptop that might be defective.

The laptop is in perfect condition (aside from this problem) and I had reset windows, updated all the drivers, and everything I could think of to troubleshoot it. It went away for a while but the last week it has happened a few times and tonight right before posting this it happened two times, the first time I had to restart the computer completely for it to work again and the second time I just had to close the lid and re-open it for it to work again.

Has anyone else experience this issue with their laptop? Also, is there a manufacturer warranty I can use to get a replacement? I bought it off of Newegg and it's past the return point for that website, but I'm really worried that it might one day die and I paid $2,300 for this laptop and really do love it when it is working fine.

I thought maybe it was overheating, but I play games like Diablo 3 on 4k max graphics, Battlefield V, Dragon Age Inquisition, and other graphically demanding games that cause the fans to spin up 100% and the screen works fine. Right now, all I was doing was chatting on discord with a friend with no other apps open not even my browser and it happened. The laptop is barely warm, and the fans are blowing the air out unrestricted and it's on a laptop stand so it can't be a heat issue.

This is very concerning considering how much I paid for this laptop and the fact that it was brand new (in the asus packaging with the plastic wrap and all the manuals and items that come with it (pen, and everything). And now it just flashed green but didn't turn off as I'm typing this sentence here.

Please help, ASUS please if I can get a replacement I would be very satisfied and would gladly post on social media about how great of a company you are. I've been using ASUS motherboards for years for my custom builds and have never had an issue. This is the first product I've purchased that was not a custom build and everything is great EXCEPT for this issue.

I use this laptop for work, I'm a software developer and it's my daily driver. So the fact that this is happening only 3 months into owning it is really scary and I'm worried that I'm going to get screwed out of $2,300.



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    have you tried to adjust the screen position when this happens. I'm thinking it could be a lose connection, or some hardware problem like this.

    In your case I would record a video when it starts to fail, and then send the unit, with the video, to an Asus repair centre.

  • I have done this before, and sometimes it works and the screen goes back to normal. The weird thing is, sometimes I don't even try to close the screen and just hold the power button down and restart the computer and it starts working again. So if it was a loose connection, why would it work when I just restart the laptop without moving the screen?

    So far today it hasn't happened. Also if I try moving the screen like nearly closing it and extending it as far as it can go it doesn't start happening. So I don't think it's a loose connection. What I did last night was uninstalled all the nvidia drivers (I updated to the most recent nvidia drivers from nvidia's geforce experience software) and then installed the driver from the Asus website, and it hasn't happened today so far. I've been using the laptop all day without any issue.

    So I'm wondering if maybe the nvidia drivers cause this issue because of the fact that the laptop is a little unusual since it has dual screens. Maybe something special about the ASUS website's driver that adds some functionality for the second screen by the keyboard so they communicate better or something? IDK. All I know is I love this laptop and hope I can get this fixed because if I can't then I'm going to get a Razer Blade Pro and call it a day. Maybe give this laptop to my wife and she can deal with the problem. Hopefully it doesn't end up as a paper weight.

  • Hi Dan,

    Could you try to update BIOS?

    If it still doesn't help, please kindly send the device to our service center.

    I'm sorry that return or replacement are provided by the seller, what we can do is repair.

    Thank you.

  • Is the repair free? How do I find a service center? I really don't want to have to pay a bunch of money to get it repaired since I just spent $2,300 on the laptop itself only back in January 2021.

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