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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Rog Phone 3
  2. Firmware Version: 18.0410.2102.107
  3. Rooted or not: not rooted
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: has been occuring since the birth of this device.
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): System UI and every other app which is related with showing some dark colours.

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


At this point, I don't even know whether I'm being impatient or everyone else is being very patient. It's been 8 months and I'm still waiting for the black crush/colour banding/red tint fix. It's getting frustrating now. What's more frustrating is lack of communication. Mods don't care to let us know what's going on and if the work is in progress or there's an ETA of when this is going to get fixed. 

It's very difficult to watch a movie which has lots of dark scenes in it. Leave alone movies, sometimes it's even impossible to set a wallpaper which has a dark gradient which is not completely black. Just be upfront about the solution. Whether this issue will be fixed or not. 

A single guy solved this issue bypassing whatever obstacles were there set by pixelwork and he had been constantly telling about his progress throughout the process. At the end everyone was happy to see that it can be solved indeed. 

Another frustrating thing is ignorance. I've seen one of the mods asking people whether they're on the latest software and if the issue still persists then take the device to service center which is absolutely rubbish. It isn't helping by any means. The issue is not going to be solved by taking the device to service center. 

Just be upfront about the roadmap or ETA so that those who can't wait will root the device and use the fix else we will be on our own. Just keeping us in a limbo isn't helping. During these tough times, watching movies somehow gives a bit of relaxation, a feeling of detachment from the outer world and if that experience is not going to be good enough or your eyes constantly getting distracted by those tedious colours on the screen which expresses discontent, then it will get just more and more difficult to deal with the situation. 

Second major thing is lack of volte/vowifi. Many people on this forum have been seen complaining regarding this issue. Especially in india we've hearing that vowifi on Airtel is in progress and soon that feature should kick in. In my opinion it should have been kicked in by now. I've seen the video of Rog 5 on geekyranjit's channel where he was seen using the airtel sim with vowifi feature. So I believe it should arrive very soon nevertheless I could not know what's the timeline range of "soon" for Asus. 

I'm exactly not complaining about the second one but many other people are. Many countries are going to ban the 3g network so it'll be useful for them at least they should get VoLTE which I believe will actually arrive soon. But my main complaint is regarding the infamous Black crush/colour banding. It's indeed getting frustrating. So please mods, at least let us know about the progress of the solution for this problem. 




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    It's our mistake who beleived and bought such a phone from the brand. Noone to be blamed for. There are many supporters of ASUS in the forum who blindly fight for them. It's our mistake who have bought the phone and we have to suffer for our mistake.

    Biggest learning is not to repeate the mistake again by trusting such a brand.

    All other companies are able to fix issues and release updates for their flagships and mid range phones are but we are still stuck in older version of andriod with bugs. We have only 2 options - either sell or suffer.

  • About volte, i think they are gonna enable volte all over the world in upcoming updates as what i have seen on internet i dont know how reliable that information was but atleast i have read it , no info about vowifi

    About black crush , i'll say no comments anymore

    Just one Advice , wait still stable A11 before unlocking your device , dont keep high hopes but just maybe you know maybe they bring something on the table

    But as i say dont keep hopes , just accept that you have to live with messy screen for one more month or so coz A11 is near and if that doesn't fix anything , then you can unlock if you want to, but hey this is just my suggestion what to do and what not to do is you choice abd you are free to make one

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    Can't do anything to that😂😂..let's hope they provide the fix at least.

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    Isn't it how we've been using our devices since the beginning?? By accepting it that we're stuck with the messy screen, hoping for a fix without unlocking the device. I'd wait happily till the stable a11. In fact I would not write this post, if they were having a proper communication with us.

    I mean "soon" doesn't give an idea of when it's going to be implemented. That's the real deal. Be specific with your timelines. We understand that delays happen, and we're okay with the delay too as long as we know this thing is being worked on.

    Anyways let's see what happens. Else I'll ask you to help me on telegram with the unlocking stuff.

  • Will it was just an advice from by my side , their soon means never

    Whatever you decide after all its your choice and i will be happy to help you to apply that fix if you want to do that

  • Hi gugul,

    If a mod is communicating something its the best and latest information. For Black crush/Tint the solution is to visit service center after the troubleshooting provided.

    For VoLTe, not sure which carrier are you talking about please be specific of your issue.

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    I revere your perspective as long as it's not abortive. Users have reported that there's no change even after changing the display at service center. I've seen 3-4 of them. We're just asking to let us know about a timeline by when should we expect a fix.

    I even understand if you're not getting a reply from the Devs, you also can't do anything,but I hope that's not the case.

    I was actually talking about the VoWIFI feature on Airtel. If it's already implemented on rog 5, just tell us it'll arrive with A11 or before that.

    That's what I was talking about. Lack of proper communication/ information which is definitely not very much soothing.

    I hope you understood what I meant.

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    Dear Gugul,

    There are many posts regarding these issues in the forum and we have not got any proper answer or timeline regarding update/OTA/ fix etc. This means they are not sure about anything yet.

    The other day I saw a user has fixed display issues by tweaking the software, when a normal user with knowledge of software can do it then y asus is not able to do it?

    All these things are a part of our buying experience as I said and we have to suffer.

    Also just wanted to highlight here that Vivo has updated many of its mid range phones to version 11 directly from version 9 which shows that anything is possible until there is interest to do it.

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    Yes, what you said is absolutely true. The customer experience is not upto the mark in a number of areas but, what bothers me the most is being oblivious to the status of that infamous crushing/banding issue.

    After few days we'll be oblivious to the status of us getting the next Android version.

    Let's see and hope for the best.😄

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    @gugul Mod has reverted to visit service centre for display issues. Couple of my friends have already done it but no use. I have not gone as I don’t want to open my phone until there is some internal or actual hardware problem. Either Asus had to fix the issue through update or replace devices by taking responsibility of their mistake. I think both won’t happen. Still living under hope from past many months. Also regarding android 11 it’s under beta from past 2 plus month and dono how many more months it’s going to take

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    Android 11 release date depends on the stability of the system

    They recently released beta 5 for testers,on the telegram channel I don't see any complains and some have noticed improved sot by the way on A11

    If all goes well stable should release soon

  • I think the improved SoT is because of the new codec uses, apparently watching streams and such is more efficient now if i read correcly. Nice to hear longer battery life tho.

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    There is no proper timeline that’s what makes us frustrated and sad. Soon is what we are hearing from many months. Other brands are on correct pace as compared to Asus which will make us think if we should buy future products or not. Rog 3 has superb hardware without proper software support which is the saddest part. And also are u a beta tester yourself if so can u comment on the overall improvement on user experience as a whole.

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    Well I'm on beta myself. Beta version is stable enough. I mean no serious bug which will drive you mad. But no idea as of now when exactly the stable will be arriving. So let's see.

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    But can u comment on display fixes? Are those issues fixed or not yet in 11 beta

  • I'm 99.99999999% sure if that was the case we would at the very least see a topic here about it.

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    Then still we have to wait for many more months for fix then. That’s very sad.

  • Well, we got the 5th beta update and as per Asus developers, most of the bugs have been fixed. Only a few bugs related to external docks/attachments are pending. I think they're not working on the screen fix. Anyways, you can expect A11 stable update after a couple of betas, maybe in the first half of June 2021.

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    Yes exactly 😂😂. This forum would have been flooded with that topic.

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