Replace RAID 0 SSD with single 4TB

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  1. System: ProArt Studiobook 15" H500GV
  2. Battery or AC: AC
  3. Model:
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Detailed description:

Just received the new laptop and need to replace the 2x 512GB SSD's setup as ROADI 0, with a single 4TB drive.

Ran through the cloning using Acronics (cloned the striped drives to the single SSD via USB), but when I removed the 2 SSD's and installed just the new one, I got a Windows Stop Code error on boot.


Apparently no way to recover this.

Any tips or suggestions how to accomplish this, or should I just do a new fresh install onto the 4TB drive?


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    go to below site , download hiren boot PE cd 64bit iso,

    Download | Hiren's BootCD PE (

    make bootable USB pen drive,then boot with that Pendrive, then access your Files delete or copy files to other hdd or ssd.

    Above iso file is fully free and maintained by trusted users

  • This is the tool I use, also, when I need to do something low level in a PC or laptop.

  • THanks for the suggestion, the problem isn't actually accessing the files.

    If I do an Acronis clone of the entire RAID array to the new 4TB, the system doesn't boot on the new 4TB. (There are only 2 SSD slots, currently occupied by the 2x 512GB SSD RAID array, so I have to clone the drive to the new one via USB)

    The system fails to boot on the new 4TB drive, but if I reinstall the old RAID array everything works fine.

    I am thinking it is a RAID array issue and may have to just go ahead with a clean install :(

  • did you cloned UEFI partition to new SSD.

    Why are using RAID0 option. why do you need it ?

    I have three disk two are 2tb and one 1tb SSD.

    I installed windows os SSD only , I configured in ACHI mode, no raid .

  • The laptop came preinstalled with the 2drives in a RAID 0 array - Asus made the decision not me. It is 2x 512GB drives, but show to Windows as a single 1TB drive.

    That's why I am replacing these two 512GB SSd with a single 4TB drive.

    The UEFI partition was also cloned. Acronis did an excellent job in replicating the drives perfectly on the single 4TB including the UEFI and the Recovery partitions. When Windows booted it just didn't like the setup and gave me the (rather unhelpful) "Stop Code: KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE" message.

    By the way, thanks for your help so far :)

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    disable Driver verifier by command prompt.

    if possible , change RAID to ACHI mode under sata configuration under BIOS

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