[5z] ASUS Should Follow The Market Trend For Support Extensions of 3 Years On Zenfones.

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Hi All,

As these days we all know Market is flooded with other brands announcing support for 3 years now

Recently brands having 3 or more than 3 year UPDATE support are :-






XAOMI, OPPO, VIVO, REALMI (2 Years major OS but 4 years UI updates)

Now its time for ASUS this year to break the boundaries almost all brands are in league of 3 year support.

We are still in a good hope that it will be announced at the launch event of Zenfone 8 series. @Anders_ASUS @Christine_ASUS @ARP_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS @CH_ASUS @Titan_ASUS @Mister @Falcon_ASUS @Kris_ASUS @Laura_ASUS @DrAlex_ASUS @Olivier_ASUS @Dominik_ASUS @victor0_ASUS

Asus must include below Zenfone devices for 3 year support Extensions :-

  1. Zenfone 7/7pro (upto Android 13)
  2. Zenfone 6 (upto Android 12)
  3. Zenfone 5Z (upto Android 11)

And should continue same trend for future Zenfones.

Its really very kind request to you MODS please raise this topic to higher authorities and let ASUS do the needful for its very loyal users.

I wish someone is listening to us. 🙂


This is definetly needed to improve brand value for customers from larger markets like India where Asus have skipped Zenfone 7/7pro so in my opinion these markets are core to success of brands, if those are captured.but asus backed off by focusing only on ROG devices in those Very important market.Where Gaming phones are not everyones cup of tea.

If ASUS is planning to make a comeback to larger markets like india with Zenfone lineup, than i personally feel it is more important to gain back peoples trust on Zenfones by providing good software support by following the trend with its older devices. Also Zenfone 5z & 6 are the only latest devices in those markets so i wish this trend should start From Zenfone 5z as a best sold flagship device with Larger user base than any other flagship for Asus, with very less user complains and problems.

Common ASUS break the silence and compete this trendy market and we as users personally feel ASUS has best hardware just what lacks behind is its software now comparing other OEMS & this Gap should be filled up starting this year.




  • I vote for this. Asus is only brand next to motorola who doesn't push ad or bloatwares in their UI. If this is announced, I am sure most of the market will shift from mainly Xiomi and Samsung to Asus. The only problem here from Asus is consistency in terms of new phones release or ui updates.

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    Yup ASUS should think about it, because nowadays everyone is more concerned about updates.

  • Definately Asus should provide 3 years of support, I ditched Oneplus 6 and bought Asus 5Z just because of the name of Asus and trust but now I feel pathetic, that other manufacturers are providing 3 years of support even the oneplus 6 is going to get Android 11 update, Asus should really look forwaed to this they should update there older devices like Asus Zenfone 5Z to Android 11 and make their market strong in country like India. If they are not going to update old models like Asus Zenfone 5Z to Android 11, I'm not gonna suggest anyone literally anyone to purchase Asus devices in further future because of Lack of software support. Even though we are investing 30-35k and still we are not getting that flagship level updates cycle.

  • ASUS have potential and expertise to push 3rd year support for ASUS ZenFone 5z.

    "I still remember when I saw the phone ASUS ZenFone 5z got launcher in India, I was so much fascinated and made my mind that If I'll get any new phone then definitely it'll be 5z. Now I own 5z. I always believed ASUS potential towards technology and thrive for giving their customer a good experience.

    I still wish Higher Authorities should consider our request. It's a humble request from a 5z users to extend the support for 5z and give Android 11 as core experience to ASUS ZenFone 5z customers.

    I request other models like ZenFone 6 and ZenFone 7 series should also get the same treatment. 👌

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  • I think if i post my suggestion on your provided link, As i am EN user, TW mods will move my thread to EN forum.

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    Currently there is only this suggestion area, and there is no restriction on publish in English. However, there are regulations that cannot publish "hardware and non-mobile phones" recommendations. If you want to post a suggested thread, please read the top post first.

  • Yes i have done it! tried to translate same thread in chinese and post it again😊

    Due to chinese translations and also error with keyboard translations i mistakly posted it for 2 times and also i think i have done all the translations correctly there.

    Please revert me back on those transaltions matter if i am right or wrong.

    Thanks for suggestions and hope there will be a success for created thread!

  • It's Good , I agree but about Android Updates and Software Updates, Everyone wants a stable update for every device. So, take some time for research like at most 8 Months but Please provide Stable Updates for Every Asus Device.

  • I hope they announce something related to this with Zenfone 8's launch

    But 3 android os upgrades for 5z possibility is very slim :(

  • Very true..., and that is the reason users keep demanding if they are not satisfied. I still see bugs with my 5z on Android 10 even after so many months after release of Android 10 & also with So much of trying to make it stable. & now i am afraid that we are left with very important bugs which definetly needs a fix but developers have gave up on 5z.

    & hence i have raised my voice asking myself that is using a ASUS flagship device a wrong move for such user experience??

    5z deserves a happy Good bye with stable Android 10 with latest security patch as possible.

    We have seen in month of march update of version 123 Zenfone 5z users got january patch which is not acceptable.

    If no any new Android version than atleast stable system is hope for user on choosing a flagship model from any brand.

  • If no 3 Android OS than atleast they should fix existing basic bugs like powermaster & many more to make system more stable by providing a latest security patch atleast.

    But Yes Hope is still on and waiting for announcement. 🤞😜

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    Just leaving my support to the idea. 3 years of support seems very reasonable.

    A phone should live a minimum of 3 years, so much talk about sustainability and seems many brands want us to change phone every year... Would be great to see Asus following the market trend... 🤔

    Better would be to see Asus setting an example! 😁

  • Very much agreed... ;)

    Fingers are tightly crossed for announcement on support extensions🤞.

  • I really cannot recommend getting an Asus device anymore, neither to myself nor to anybody else.

    With the 'last proposed' update for my ZenFone 5Z, they bricked the camera (yes, it wouldn't focus unless you hit the front of the device near the camera area - and I have to do it every time I need to use the camera) and now they would neither update the firmware nor fix my camera module for free, even if it's there fault :)

    Samsung is giving away really timely updates right now and my question is, if they can do it, it's not like Asus doesn't have the resources...

    This is really absurd and I'm perplexed, and if we're not getting the Android 12 update, I'm seriously never going with Asus anymore lmao (and I know that if it wouldn't get the Android 11, 12 is a longshot in the first place but that's the thing - the UX and UI upgrades of Android 12 is too great and gives me severe FOMO).

    Time to move into iOS as my main driver while a mid-range Android 12 unit; maybe the Pixel's base model if they get the pricing right :D

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    This is a good idea, hope Asus will hear us

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    They can't even pass on Google security patches guys don't hold breath or you will pass out waiting,or worse LoL

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    You know I don't believe Asus really care.

    If you look at the market Asus phones have a great resell value for second hand phones. I don't think they actually make as much of them as an ordinary phone manafuctuer so the resell price stays high. Try and buy a zenfone 6 , for example,and you will see what I mean.

    They seem to care more about pumping the next phone out, in whatever category seems to float their boat, but support eg updates,if you are buying an Asus phone forget it . You either love them the way they are or not

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    So who are you? Not trying to be rude but I am new to this forum and you talk like Asus staff but I don't see,, Asus,, next to your title, . Maybe I missed it.

    Hi I am Roy

    Who are you??

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