Now time has come, #nomorerog



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    I don't get the second part of your comment tho

    Is that referred to me?

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    Yeah, because 8GB/128GB is pretty much the same like other phones. I think it's because buying this variant give them the ROG experience/Casual Gaming/Cheaper so it is good for what they are using it for.

    Whereas Pro or Ultimate, I think people will choose these variants for further performance or what they have experienced before. So I think people are trying the phone out. I mean my ROG 2 is working great still.

  • @Anders_ASUS can you provide some deadline for this #Airtel wifi calling #VoWifi in Asus devices.

    If these guys (refer screenshot), which are very big company can, why can't a small company like Asus can't?

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    Deadline as if the manufacturers like Asus has a say when this can be done by. There are various reasons to this.

    Carriers will go for the popular phones because it brings income. So competing the likes of Samsung's, OnePlus and upcoming Xiaomi and Realme because it is a cheaper option is going to seriously hamper when this can be done for Asus. This is one example where Asus do not have control of timelines. Probably some sort of contracts and costs need to be agreed.

    Testing such as field testing at different sites, environment conditions and the different scenarios needs to be tested. I don't believe these are Asus testers but probably an external companies to do these testing (but this is where I am not sure and it doesn't make sense for Asus to do the testing as it is less efficient on cost). As you would imagine, external companies will need to go through a cycle of agreeing to contracts, cost. Don't forget about bug fixing by Asus as a result of testing.

    As we are talking about India here, Monsoon seasons will also need to be evaluated.

    Again, Asus doesn't have control over the testing and of course the weather.

    After testing, it needs to go through various approval, in which case the phone model will get certified to be on VOLTE. There is a very good reason why the phones need to be certified. Again, there will be popular phone manufacturers who would get their approval first before other unpopular phones.

    In addition to this, you have the pandemic. Unless you still have teams working during this terrible time, you are no doubt have further delays.

    I have no doubt probably missed out pieces to this and time is just added on. With the above and counting the number of tests, cycles to get these tests right, multiply this by the number of test sites, the seasons, it is not a years task. This is in absence of contracting, agreeing cost and getting in line first beating competitors.

    So yeah, expect further waiting....

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    Don't waste your time here for answers. Change the mobile or change the sim provider.

  • Then stop bringing the incompetent phone with name "Gaming phone " as a tag to it and making us suffer for your failures, there are smaller companies that are going the job in the easiest ways possible , but having reputation and some brand value to its name why is asus struggling to give its best to the customers, i am not here to fight you or any other person around here, i used to love the idea of rog and used to be veey much active around here during android 10 beta version, every one will have an end for patience, we are still suffering with many bugs, and this threads are meant to be for that sole purpose and not to support the asus alone, if you really wanna support asus or any other brand, ask them to offer you a job in their company , i truely wanted rog version to be a hit in the market but now we are forced to stop our family from getting rog phones, it is a fact 1 . Bluetooth bugs still persist, 2 . Screen freezes during pubg game play, 3. We don't know why our phone restarts and when it does,

    If you still dont want others to complain the faults in rog and the persons behind the company, we consider you to be blind

    @Kris_ASUS @CH_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @Titan_ASUS

    Please come forward and say rog2 phone with android 10 is bug free, and we will stop all this so called bullying or fan fights but these are actually just customers expressing their problems in the most depressed way, i am not against any person or organisation or this rog phone users or the phone, if we hate this phone in the first place we will not purchase it back then, do understand our concerns and try to explain it to the customers around the zentalk in the few extra sentence rather than 3words.

    Thank you devs for all your support back there ,

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    Gaming phones suggests it has the performance and the gaming functionality with it.

    The probable fact is, you are using it as a gaming phone. Air triggers and probably streaming comes to mind.

    Restart issue have been mentioned a billion times to go to service centre and it was by moderators. Others won't listen anyway, so why people should bother replying again to something that has been answered before. There is a search on this forum.

    Don't know about the bluetooth issue and people I know, PUBG is working fine on their ROG phones.

    The bottom line is you will not get a company to say or even gaurantee a piece of software is bug free.

    Therefore, what I suggest you to do is to create a new thread with a proper title, explain your bluetooth issue. Show images or recordings of the issue. Explain how did you arrive to the issue giving steps by steps. Threatening not to buy or going to consumer court like minority of people here won't get you anywhere on the issue.

    For restart issue, you will need to go to service centre anyway.

    For PUBG, do some investigation to see what is causing the freeze. If it freezes and then restarts, then that's the same issue as restart issue. Go to service centre.

  • 1.) Bluetooth is generally poopoo, cutouts could be due to devies being dumb, or some update messed with drivers.

    2.) We absolutely know why PubG freezes and why your Phone restarts, I went over this millions of times already. It's a hardware defect, the PM8150 chips is dying, contact ASUS center and ask for free replacement due to dying PM8150 chip if your phone has such behaviour, as far as I can gather from many topics here the logicboard repair was free except for some users which usually got helped out by ASUS mods here on the forums, it's a hardware design flaw, hence the repair of the logicboard is free.

    3.) as explained above, if you had bothered to read some most of the current "freezing and restarting topics" you should have seen my replies already with the PM8150 chip failure. You should know by now.

  • @ronald1985 To be fair, new users who join here won't neccesarily read the topics. He however with membership since 2019 and level 2 should know this by now. Mods should defnitely make a topic about the restart and black screen issue and sticky it, idk why this hasnt been done yet, considering how most people are making topics about the dying chip.

  • You know here are only two people who answer every question of every user before mods do. Even though they are not official and here only for gain attention. we should appreciate these two guys. They are doing so much for us because this is the only job they have 😬. One of them visiting zen talk after every 30 minutes to check whether someone commented 🙄 or not.

    I am also facing the restart problem for 4 days but didn't write it here until now because I know who is gonna answer that. Talking about the PM chip which is supposed to cause this restart issue I strongly asked ASUS officials to solve this problem and make it free to every user because it's not a user-specific problem it is a manufacturing defect. @Anders_ASUS @Titan_ASUS @kikoly

    pease those two specific user if you have a little bit shame than do not comment here. Please stop licking their A**.

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    Actually I do have a full time job but my job is my job and my job is none of your business. My job is not here that's for sure :) It doesn't take long to type either and at least the ones who are commenting are helping. Remember, this is a community forum, not a palace for you to ask whatever you want and the moderators serve you. So you already don't know who I am, well don't judge people as I don't judge you OK? And no, I won't stop replying as I am allowed here.

    So what if you haven't posted here? The fact is, a numher of moderators here are already helping these people with the said issue and get this replaced. Don't you see the responses? I certainly don't see what goes behind the scenes, but I have seen responses that the replacement had worked, some haven't. So, even if chips are replaced, you could still potentially have problems.

    You PhysiTech, have a CN/Tencent device anyway, and based on comments made moderators in the past, those models are usually looked at by Mainland Chinese developers. So, I think you should ask the question as to whether service centre would replace the hardware at your country (unless you are from Mainland China) in the dirt place.

    With regards to making it free for everyone, moderators can only pass on the information and suggest. But is isn't their choice. You must understand that. If you really want to make an effort, you should write to Taiwan Headquarters or as most people have said here, file a consumer court case, which no one is doing anyway and I don't think anyone have the guts if you ask me considering the threats. Maybe you are the first one?

    I don't disagree with what @Danishblunt is saying at all. New users won't know but they still get the same message here if they are under warranty, they can go to service centre, so they don't wait around because some didn't want to go.

    Some went and had problems and some had the replacement made but had further problems. Some not come back and posted. By the way, not all restart issues are the same, like I have said previously.

    So to wrap up,

    1) don't judge people because you clearly don't know who I am. And no, I don't work for Asus nor do I get anything free not you can tell me what to do, just like me I can't tell you want to do

    2) If you really want to complain, send out a letter to Taiwan Headquarters or file a complaint. You will be helping lot of people as some would say. If you are waiting for others to do that for you and all you are doing is sitting around for someone to do it for you, and if others are doing the same like you are sitting around and complaining. Let's be honest, you will be sitting around for a very long time.

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    If you want to know how I role in work, i look at how much money I make in short time. Not how long I work ;)

  • I didn't mention you in my comment 😝 why are you getting so pissed off. And i don't give a fucking shit about your essay thing. So thank you 🤗

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    I know you are talking about me and Amit. You are just in denial.

    Don't worry about the essay, but don't be crying over something what moderators here can't control. I have given you the best solution and that's to reach for the top and that's the headquarters. But, that's if you have the guts. But I guess not.

  • If mods can not control things here then why are they here? Probably just for F themselves and i am not crying I am here to make cry. Also, you didn't give the solution, actually you never did. Talking about guts, l wanna hear the same thing from mods that they don't give a fucking shit about our problems and there are useless people in Asus's team then I'll definitely reach the headquarters. And if you wanna see my guts, just face me once buddy I'll shove your solutions to A** until you gonna cry for mercy.

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    Save whatever guts you have for the letter to the headquarters. I have given you a solution to get help and you just need to do it.

    Top tip of the day: don't be a hot head when you write to the headquarters or if you need help anywhere for that matter. It doesn't help you at all.

  • Its better try to avoid useless comments. That will help thread to be on track. Rather than getting closed.

    We all are here to discuss i would just say try doing your good work. I know there are very few users who try to help in whatever manner they can and you are one of them. there will be some users who themselves cannot contribute and only keep mocking people for fun. If they feel happiness in that thing than we should appreciate there blahh blah.... Let them speak to themselves. We cannot change people minds😜 keep your good work no matter what people say or in however manner you do. It is appreciated atleast you are trying something to help users.

    Have a great day everyone.

  • When he says mods don't have control he means they cannot magicially repair your device. They are moderators of the forum, they are not developers nor repair technicians, meaning they cant write any software updates or similair, all they can do is relay your message to the right people.

    You're definitely crying.

    He did give you "the solution" multiple times infact, the problem here is your lack of processing his content, I strongly recommend that you start reading his actual posts, I know your attention span is likely very short but try not to give up after 2 words.

    People who threat others over the internet are usually very timid in real life, not only that but doing that also is a very good indicator for low intelligence, hence I would recommend you to refrain from doing that unless you want people to absolutely not take you serious at all, then by all means continue.

    @ronald1985 Have to dissagree, if you play it right, u'll get prioitized threatment. People want to get rid of an annoying customer than one that waits patentently. Since repair centers and such are obliged to repair the device, they have to deal with an annoying customers, so they will speed up the process usually. However don't do this if the service in question isnt obliged to do so, otherwise they can deny service, but in this case, being a hothead and showing real distate for the state the phone is in, can be quite helpful.

  • You don't have to worry about my guts shithead. I already wrote an email and will write more. Always saying given you a solution given you a solution, this is not the solution is called advice. And I know you can only advise people because you are such a pussy that you can't do anything besides liking Asus's dirty A* hole. Don't tell me how to deal with pussy people like you and Asus team.

  • Oh so you seems to write very useful comments 😘 dear. Talking about doing good work you are not saving people live here the only thing you are saving here is a stupid company's dirty ass and its useless product (ROGPhone) 🖕 "SIR" 😆

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