Now time has come, #nomorerog

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No more rog phones suggested , no wifi calling feature for most networks, no security updates, no software updates, no self service centers, nothing but a fake gaming experience , take a bow asus for you software team, just showing some specs with two triggers and faking all other things, we could compare it with cheaper companies who are doing much better than asus, but i wont , i thought its reputation of laptops did carried through these gaming phones but they are using the gaming laptops reputation to get their days passed , but surely it will be the end of the era of rog phones if they continue treating the customers the same manner, no matter what brand you may be , you need the trust of customers,, orelse just go shut down your factory,

No official cases available for rog2 yet, after these many years , joke? Thats it no more rog #nomorerog will be trending in future




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    I think you are so early to come on conclusion. Let me tell you please compare gaming phone only with gaming segment itself for very fair comparisions and than you are free to come on conclusions that will be pretty fair. Compare it with black shark, nubia redmagic, lenovo legion and than you can tell me who ranks on top. ROG still leads the gaming segment. With its premium gaming features at premium price tag. No other phone is as unique as ROG is in its price range.

    About Vowifi this is already told several times by moderators that it is still under testing yes it is so late because it totally depends on Carriers to enable it fully from there side so ASUS cant do anything until Carriers consider it to add in there support list.

    Also if you are saying midrange and other budget smartphones have it than you should also see what tier those brands are. ASUS is still not comparable to those higher tier brands because they have really very less resources to invest on in smartphone department actally ASUS is computer hardware company and not a smartphone specific brand. Still you should see that ASUS is always on top of releasing any major firmwares to its smartphones, while other higher tier brands are still struggling to release stable builds for major OS so i dont think your complain in software department is also acceptable

    Look at this link you will get the answer where asus lies in terms of software support👇

    As you are saying no security patches for ROG let me tell you it is promised that ROG devices will get security patches and bug fixes Bi monthly and not regular so what is here to complain already ROG 2 is getting its updates bi-monthly. About features you cant even complain beacuse ROG series is most featuristic brand in Android world.

    And yes if you are saying about service this will be improved with time. As i said earlier it all depends on resources and yes lets hope someday everything will be as good as other higher tier brands for ASUS. future sales will decide its path to improve over time.

    I dont need to take names but you should know.All other brands are having plenty of resources to invest in any department comapring to ASUS so and lets hope someday same goes with Asus.

    They are trying there best to impress customer with whatever they have and yes thats really appreciable that they have created there unique space with there very unique tech like ROG (King of Gaming segment) and Zenfone ( Flip cameras) lets hope for more better future.


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    I am pretty sure you are talking about Windows update which is not the same as manufacturer updates. You get firmware updates if you are using Asus made hardware, but that is not regular as well. Infact, I would be worried if the updates are regular.

    Even with AMD, NVIDIA graphics cards, Intels dont always update their software and firmware regularly.

    So yeah, your comment about using reputation from laptop is kind of flawed.

  • Hi jogeshvilluri,

    1. Wifi calling JIO is currently supported, Airtel is in works, working for some users depending on region
    2. Update - Being rolled out in every few months.
  • Dnt worry you guys need not to work for Airtel wifi calling . I'm switching to a new device soon , you guys may provide the next update in several months until then I'll be on my new device 👍🏻😂.

  • I've replaced my Rog II with Samsung S20 Fe. Samsung software support is light years ahead of Asus. Since I bought it I had update every month, including A11 (remember, this is a 1 year phone, not a new flagship). Even my tablet, A8 with S Pen, received more updates (2) this year than Rog II.

    Even being a gorgeous device, lack of software support and updates, including a never ending problems with motherboard and lack of support in Asus service centers, it slowly killing Rog family. I only recommend Rog phones to whom doesn't care with updates. I care, so, I replaced my device to a brand that cares more with us, final consumer.

  • Not able to make video call through jio sim alway pop up Google duo is there anything about this

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    No VoLTE (in Brazil), no Asus!

  • Can you make Airtel to include "Asus" name in their wifi calling list?

    It's impossible for Asus team because it's not going to happen, hearing "it's in works since Dec 2019."

    You can make influencers to make lie (sorry), not the network giant like Airtel.

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    @AmitGarde @Ronald do you guys have even Rog2 phone?? If not please don't comment and don't explain about achivement received by Asus.

    You both guys commenting on every threads.. and trying to save Asus ass.

    They have issues that's why they are angry. I'm also facing framerate dropping in different games.

  • Although i dont have ROG 2 but i comment here because i have alredy tried hard to get all these features a generation or year before your phone model was launched for my model and Whatever responses i have recived internally for same queries i try to share same with users.

    Nomatter if i have ROG or not atlast OEM we use is same that Is ASUS and i just share my experinces so that it will be good for you if you should wait for it or not. Also i dont see that we guide users in wrong way but try to explain the fact.


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    I do have a ROG 2. Looks like I will be commenting 😂

  • Hence it's clear you are not the one who is facing a problem with ROG2 so please stop commenting on ROG 2 threads. Because you can't understand the pain and disappointment of users. You are just throwing your useless suggestions.

    The one thing is very common here No matter which problem your device have. The only solution they have " please reset your device and check " shut the F up. Is this the only solution they have?😡😡😡😡😡

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    He can comment anywhere he wants and he is contributing just like people here posting on other forums complaining they had bad service from Service Centres. The forums is not only for communications between members and moderators, but it can be for anyone.

    Actually, not all users have to reset their device to fix an issues. There are issues where it can be foxed by clearing cache and data. There were some cases where even Asus said they would look into the issue and providing a fix without asking for reset of device (this happened to me).

    if you really want to get the attention of a president/prime minister, go to service centre. That way you can speak how you really feel to them.

  • I know I know he has the freedom to put his ass anywhere he wants. 😂 thanks for the clarification.

    And for your kind info. Resetting the device is the primary solution here 😝.

    Nobody fuken here for attention all we need the solution to our device problem.

    Thank you 😜

  • I'm sorry but the ASUS notebooks are quite meh and not especially great. Unless we talk about the Chimera series, those are very solid, but all the other ASUS gaming notebooks are usually middle of the gaming notebook market.

    That being said, all the other points are quite valid. Except for the "fake gaming experience" part, that one I do not quite agree with, as the phone does focus on things other phones don't. ASUS should probably add more support and love for the rog phones. ALso the entire state of the PM8150 chip dying in rog2 is something that should be covered by some sort of extended warranty program honestly speaking.

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    And you have your fingers poked at random places. Don't be clever with your comments because I can be the same too :)

    Like I have said, visit service centre so you can tell them how you feel. Forums can not give you a proper solution if the problem cannot be found. If it is software, it would happen to me too.

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    Yes I have fingers to poke but please 🙏 don't make it to go though you buddy.

    God help you 🤣

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