auto rotate dont working zenfone 6

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hello users, I have a problem with not working auto rotation, does not work since the update of Android 11, previously worked without a problem, factory reset does not help anything, auto rotation works for it normally on external applications downloaded from google play, recent system updates did not help anything, please help☹️


  • please post a video showing that you have auto rotate enabled and that it's not working in an app that supports auto rotate.

  • I have enabled auto rotation in quick settings as well as settings in the menu, nevertheless the image is vertical

  • This happens with most of the devices and sometimes its all about how much clear you rotate your device minute tilt detected by sensor may cause auto rotate to malfunction. You can try slower rotations and see sensors detect it as it should be because those are more precise. So in general nothing to worry if its happening sometimes. Even my 5z behaves same with Android 10.

  • For me it is so the whole time from the update to android 11, previously there was nothing like this, subsequent updates do not improve anything, in addition, the screen freezes and function buttons go crazy, just as gestures stutter, unless it's time to change the phone☹️

  • Sorry about the late reply. I don't recognize the video app in you screenshot or the rotate notification showing.

    Have you fiddled around with the system in any way. Changing launcher and such? The easy and best way to solve this, since you also observe other issues, would be to factory reset your device. Have you tried this?

  • hello, I restored factory settings 2 times and still the same thing, gestures go crazy and freezes the screen, auto rotation does not work and on asus launcher and others, the phone does not have root, I do not know about it

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