let me know how ergolift hinge design improves cooling and audio performance

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i want to know how it works physically

with physical formulas and physical notions


  • Good question - as an engineer I'd be very interested in seeing some numbers too. I can only give you some qualitative results however, I have the UX482EG with MX450 and it's pretty impressive how good the cooling is compared to almost any other laptop I've used. The fans hardly spin up at all unless I'm playing games and even then I play for many hours at a time and the temperatures hardly get above 60C for the discrete GPU. The fans at full tilt are audible but barely when I'm pushing it hard - a fairly satisfying result considering how loud some other laptops can get when just doing simple things like playing a youtube video

    The sound quality is awesome so long as the speakers bounce off a hard surface like a desk - they get muffled when the device sits on a bed.

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