My Zenbook 13 is draining so fast!!!

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  1. System: Asus Zenbook 13
  2. Battery or AC:
  3. Model:
  4. Frequency of occurrence:
  5. RDaily eset OS:
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Detailed description:I am reaching out to share my service complaint regarding the Zenbook 13 (UX325EA) which i purchased last week on March 9th 2021.

I am a first-time user of ASUS product and unfortunately, the last few days have been a very unpleasant experience and regrettable purchase.

The system battery drains very fast, even at 100% fully charged the maximum number of hours the battery performs is 2 hours 30 minutes only. Even when fully charged to 100% if I sleep the computer before bedtime-by the next moving the laptop drains out completely and I have to plug the charger to get it to power it on(please find attached all pieces of evidence to this bitter experience).


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