Looks like Asus finally managed to fix the wifi bug on android 11, stable should arrive soon now

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    The next update would probably be stable android 11 for those on A10 with this firmware version (combined with past A11 firmwares) it should arrive in the next few days

  • I just checked and I still don't have that update.

    Is it for a specific region?

    I live in Europe.

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    This update is only for those on android 11 beta

    Android 11 was delayed for so long due to that wifi bug but now that it has been solved stable A11 can rollout at any time to those on A10

  • I've had A11 on the pixel 5 before I sent it back and at least the Google pixel version wasn't much to be excited about BUT I see you have the security patches we haven't received since January and that is what I have been waiting on . Thanks for the heads up averan. One thing that A 11 has is wireless android auto which is why I swapped from Asus to Google but it is amazing how many vehicles don't support wireless android auto and I have a new 2019 Toyota HiAce. Needless to say that I was disappointed to discover that it makes no difference that the phone does if your vehicle doesn't.support Wireless AA . I have since discovered a device called AA wireless that enables any android phone from A9 up to connect AA wirelessly so it is good news. Thanks again 👍

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