Issue still not resolve

Is there anything that you can advice about this ?




  • lan61tlan61t Level 1

    It' very rare that you can find a solution n this forum.

    Your best bet will be trying to go to you Asus Service Center, if they refuse or don't know how to fix it,

    Contact / Give your Asus (Insert Country Name) a visit and speak with their Service Manager, ask him which service center willing to accept or know how to repair it.

    As far as i know, especially in Indonesia, for Asus Accessories, they only have 3 months warranty.

    After my experience with the Kunai 3, I only expect the life expectancy for their accessories for 3 months, if you get more than that, that's good, otherwise, time for a new one and moving on.

  • You're right!

    Still no response from the devs.. sigh

  • @eduvigisgarcia88 Sorry for missing this thread, I replied to your earlier one on the same topic. 🙂

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