The 10th has come and gone

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Ok so like the title says, the 10 th has come and gone any idea when A11 is coming????????!!!?????????????!!!!!!!?????


  • after the 10th ;)

    could be xmas this year, which is still after the 10th of march lol

    dw im in the same boat with the rog 3, asus really need to actually lift their game and be more transparent with communication to the people on the forums

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    Your not wrong I can't believe the amount of posts on the issue lately.

    I was going to sell this z 7 in about a year and trade Up to the z8 but if this keeps up for another couple of months I might just sell it straight away before it looses to much resell value and try another company. In fact I think I'll start googling the oppositions phones right now

  • Maybe after next Chinese New year...

  • Another 11 months or so yes I can believe that

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    It won't hurt either but it makes me feel better to let them know how disappointed some / most of us are

  • I'm more worried about the missing security patches! Last security patches are from beginning of January 2021. I have read somewhere that no more security patches for Android 10 can be expected for ZenFone 7. So it is important to have a patched Android 11 for ZenFone really soon.

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    But it doesn't look like this guy works in Asus. I also can write anything on this forum.

    He always write "Asus officials" or "they", not "we" or "our team".

  • I am not any asus official, but let me tell you i always try to convey messeges to users which are only official. i dont keep writing anything for sake of writing and keep wasting my time here. Its upto you if you want to believe it or not.

    I know you will ask for source now than let me tell you i go through every possible thread on forum and the data which i get internally from officials as well as after reading threads i try to convey same to users so that they should always be informed & updated


  • Ouch! Ouch ouch

  • Thank you for clarification, but this is just confirms very immature approach of Asus towards the official forum.

    If they have few pinned topics like

    1. update schedule
    2. basic information regarding support end dates of old phones, like zenfone 5 and 6
    3. faq

    They will not have users asking the same questions again and again. Users satisfaction will be better. This is obvious, but who cares, right?

  • Yes i agree and many times i got answer for this is it will be improved with time.

    But trust me silently they try to satisfy every user with watever they can.we cannot compare ASUS with larger firms like samsung, pixel etc who has huge amount of resources in every department to satisfy there users but you can guess ASUS is exceptional but very good at whatever they are let me tell you i have Zenfone 5z and no any Zenfone 5z user has a complain with Asus till date in terms of support,updates are still On for 5z and so i am sure Asus never dissapoints any flagship Zenfone user here. also they have fulfilled there promise with 5z but i dont know about 5 if A10 is coming or not.sometimes something goes wrong and due to hardware limitations companies have to change there decisions.Zenfone 6 also follows same path because Z6 got A11 very early with 2 more stable patches from A11 so upnext is definetly Zenfone 7 now,also larger updates take much time to get stable depending upon its hardware. so in general its timetaking process the only thing users can do is wait. Till what i know is if this year everything goes really well for Asus than hopefully they will hire some more really good & creative developers and trust me they are commited to keep improving. And i hope that happens soon if they gain some good resources to invest in any department.

    I am Asus user since 2014 i own every zenfone with me or nearby me and let me tell you journey from 2014-2021 which i have seen from Asus is only improving by there side there where some ups & downs but those where obvious reasons sometimes for them everything depends on resources i hope you can understand.


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