Do you know what I loved about the Presentation of the ROG 5 ?

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Everyone who bought the Flagship 16GB ROG 3 Version like me, isn't in any way annoyed that he didn't wait longer for a purchase. ROG 3 isn't for me in any kind of way different or worst than the ROG 5, just the 2GB more RAM that will not do anything better, I more think that they have to do it, just to have a better "so called" Flagship than the ROG 3 16GB Modell.

It looks fine, the white modell is nice, I definetely feeling screwed about the Headphone Jack, I really miss it , but I learned to live without it.

Now it's really a question if a ROG 5 Ultimate is easy buyable or will it suffer the same stock issues like the ROG 3 16 GB Modell.

Because this case happened for me in Germany with the ROG 3 16GB Modell.

Can't find it anywhere since I got it last year. And even this was a surprise. I also wonder why it's so hard to buy one, because I think it's not the money question, it's the stock question.

I swear if I would buy a ROG 5, from my experience with the ROG 3 16 GB Modell: pre-order as fast as possible if you want the Ultimate Modell, because I think there will be just 100 exemplares over the complete world buyable...this was my experience with the ROG 3 16 GB Modell here in Germany.

Till now you can find some 12GB Models, but never a 16GB modell was foundable anymore...

...hope Asus does it this Year better, with or without pandemic issues...


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