sound problem, need help

Matan YungerMatan Yunger Level 1
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  1. System: windows 10 home
  2. Battery or AC:
  3. Model: ZenBook Pro 15 UX550GEX_UX580GE
  4. Frequency of occurrence: all of the time
  5. Reset OS:
  6. Screenshot or video: attached 4 screenshots


Detailed description:My laptop doesn't seem to be able to recognize my built-in speakers and microphone, after checking the device manager there seem to be several drivers problem (attached screenshots which I hope making the problem clear (both code 10 in one case and code 45 in several other drivers), apart from that the realtek drivers seem's to be located in the wrong location in the computer managment (under the "software component" instead of under "sound video and game controler") I have no clue how to fix it and would really appreciate some help


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