Laptop only Boots with CSM enabled

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Detailed description:I recently have been having issues with my Q525UA laptop, that conveniently starts happening after the warranty is over. Every half hour or so it would give me a WHE error, so I spoke with ASSUS and they said that the problem was hardware and that I should reset the BIOS to default, however when I did that the computer boots back to BIOS and it doesn't detect a boot device regardless of there being a drive and a loaded OS, so then I was reading on forums that there is an issue with specific UEFI BIOS that don't allow Windows to boot with Secure Boot so to do that you have to disable Secure boot. But I still was unable to get it to recognize because the drive was coming up under the PORT3 rather than PORT 0 and I was reading farther and it says that you have to have a specific type of setup to USE secure boot but you can still enable CSM Support to run a regular hard drive.

But I am concerned that running the computer in CSM mode is what is causing these WHEA errors


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