Max Pro Series not releasing?

Waiting for Max Pro series new device release. Why there is no update on the new release? Is this really an end to the Max Pro series?


  • albertkesalbertkes Level 1
    edited January 18

    They do something else. Here Asus released the firmware for Zenfone max pro m2 - 16.2017.2011.105.

  • Max pro series was a great option for those who don't like the heavy Chinese Skins. Sad to see they are not focusing on the same....Lets hope Asus come up with something soon.

  • First let them release A10. They are not going to release Max Pro M3 until they don't achieve stable android 10. They want to bundle max pro m3 with android 10. This is good thing. So don't wait for M3, wait for A10 instead.

  • AveranAveran Level 5

    I don't think there will be a max pro or any mid range phone by Asus for a while or in the near future.Asus has clarified that they'll only focus on flagship Zenfones and Rog phones

  • They are now only focusing on Rog series in India so I don't think any max series is planned for future. You will now see Rog series next and you may see zenfone series later.

  • Asus has finally come out with the second beta update of Android 10 for Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 users. The first set of Android 10 beta updates were released back in February and May this year, As per reports, the new firmware build includes the Android security patch for July 2020. The new Android 10 beta update brings the software version to 17.2018.2008.432.

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