Showing my phone as Strix edition on website

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My Device is not supposed to be Strix edition. Mine is Indian version from Flipkart with SD 865+ . But in registering the product on website it shows as ROG phone 3 Strix edition..

That's not good .. please Indian users reply ur condition..


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    There are 4 Rog models in total sold in different markets

    Tencent version for china,global version for almost all markets,Strix variant which uses an vanilla 865 and costs less than the global model (865+)

    India has a sort of special variant I'd say it costs much less than the global pricing of Rog 3 (even the strix variant) but still has 865+ and the other specs are same too.

    The only difference between a strix and global variant is 865 on strix and 865+ on global even if the Indian variant is identified as an 865+ what's the issue? It's the same phone but with 865+ in India and lesser pricing

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    the 865 and the 865+ are two totally different things

    the 865+ is an overclocked 865, they're not the same

    it sounds like you've been duped by the seller :(

  • how many gb ram and rom? looking at the current posting, flipkart posted wrongly as the 8gb variant only has 865 only.

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    Yes I know both are different socs 865+ is an slightly overclocked version of 865

    What I meant to say is India has 865+ Rog 3 model which costs way less than the strix in global market (strix has 865)

    And Asus has paired with flipkart (an e-commerce site here) to exclusively sell Asus phones (both Zenfone and Rog) you can't get an Rog here officially leaving flipkart

    And Asus officially said india has the global variant slightly modified with an 865+ at lower prices (cos the market here is really competitive at this price range)

  • Yes all variant having 3.1 primary clock speed which is SD 865+ .. I had the confusion onthe name Strix edition..

  • Hi Nitin,

    You might have by mistakenly selected Strix edition while registering.

    You don't need to worry about the warranty. When you register and enter Serial No the system automatically detects the model, I tried using your phone SN and it showed ROG Phone 3 not the strix variant.

  • Yes even mine too . I always felt my Phone was under powered . After runnin a benchmark tool I found out this can you also confirm the same . Shame on Ausu for selling sub standard products without informing customers.

    I feel cheated

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    Same it's showing strix edition..for me as well??

    I m confused 🤔

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