A few questions about ZenUi 7 on Zenfone 6

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Hello. So I have a few question about the build of ZenUi 7 on the Zenfone 6. I am not very familliar with this forum so I apologize if they have been asked before.

First, reviews about the Zenfone 7 Pro mention the possibility of launching any app with the smart key. However, it seems there is no new possibility for the Smart Key in ZenUi 7 for the Zenfone 6. Is it planned to be added later or am I even missing something?

Then, is there a way to get a low battery warning in ZenUi 7? The notifications channel which was used for it in ZenUi 6 still exists but it seems it now servs a different purpose, that's to say warning you when battery saver is activated according to schedule, when your screen is off. But I have no low battery warning what so ever and no way to get it back, it seems.

Also, and it has to do with ZenUi in general, but as a blind user using the Talkback screen reader from Google, where can I submit feedback for accessibility? ZenUi is far from a bad Android skin but I know a few places where it could be refined for accessibility, so I would want to know if Asus is interested in fixing that.

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    Salut ! Welcome here

    You are right, the ability to select an application with the Smart Key is missing on the ZenUI 7 for Zenfone 6. I wish it will change !

    I don't have a notification of low battery under 15% too 😅 ! I've never reach this battery percentage until now and yes, there is nothing.

    But I think we have to rely on the "Auto-switch according to battery level" feature to have a low battery alert ...

    Regarding Talkback, it's a Google's feature. If you want to address some feedbacks, go to

    Settings, Accessibility, Talkback, Settings, Help, Send feedback.

    And because Zenfone's interface is also made by ASUS, you can share your feedback here too !

  • Salut!

    You are right that Talkback is made by Google, and in fact the Ui on there own Google Pixel is made so that everything can properly be read by Talkback and work as expected. ZenUi is mostly usable in that most of the accessibility flaws can be worked around one way or another, but it's not really ideal from an UX standpoint, especially for your average, non-take-savvy user. I know that's not easy to test and fix when you are not familiar with Talkback, and I'm not sure the ZenUi devs are, but perhaps if they are interested they could get help from Google one way or another, but it's not really up to Google to fix since indeed, it's not there ui.

    I have been thinking on sharing accessibility feedback on this very forum, but do you think I should better create another thread?

    Also I totally agree that the Smart Key should be revamped later.

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    Create a separate thread will make this forum more clean indeed !

    To make Talkback really useful, devs should be entirely conforme to the rules of Android. That's the difficulty when you want to create your own user interface 😌 ! And the cleanest Android interface (and computer programming) is with Pixel phones yes ...

  • I agree. I heard about Android accessibility not being very well documented, but that was years ago and it probably changed. I think right now it's all about awareness, and whether the OEM thinks it is worth it or not. Besides Google, Samsung and LG, I don't know if there are other OEMs working on that aspect of their ui. Not counting Motorolla or Nokia because they essentially use stock. And it is kind of hard to blame OEMs when many people would probably be surprised if they learnt about blind people using smartphones, even today.

    Ok, So I will create that other thread then. Probably not before tomorrow because it's getting kind of late.

  • I see you have created a separate thread regarding your talkback feedback. Good!

    What's the current issue with low battery? I never go below 20% so I haven't experienced this myself. Is the LED not flashing red or what notification are you missing?

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