Is my battery still good?

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Been using this phone for 4 months now and in the first 2 months, I've charged the phone at least twice a day everyday from 20%-90% (before bypass was available) and then from November onwards, I've changed my charging habit to 50%-85% twice everyday. If my math is correct, the phone's been plugged in about 250-300 times since i got it. Does anyone have an estimate on when i can expect some battery performance decline because up to now, it's still in pristine condition. Should i cut back on the charging cycles?


  • Charge it upto 80-85%. If you're slow charging,then better for the battery. From my last experience with zenfone 5z, it started battery life decrement after 14-15 months. So, I'm expecting same thing from this device too.

  • Ambient temps etc. play a huge role, nobody can tell you how healthy your battery will be

  • I forgot to mention i always use hypercharge. Not once did slow charging ever work for me. And my max pro m1 did great also. 1.5 years before selling it to my friend, the battery was still as fresh. The lack of hypercharging capability most likely kept the battery safe the entire time so on my ROG, I think the outcome will be different.

  • That's excellent. I always charge mine with slow charge. I feel this extends the battery life by some margin. Though results can be different. It's just my mindset 😅😅. Anyways we can expect battery health depletion after 500-600 deep discharge cycles.

  • I charge my phone using slow charge and charge it regularly once a day from 20% to 90%. Battery health is still good and backup is also very good (getting 7.5+ hrs SoT). I used to charge using hypercharge in the beginning and at that time, my SoT would be around 5hrs only. So, try to charge your phone using slow charging method.

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