Android 11 Update bug report

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Hello everyone I have installed this update and while the build seems solid, there are some minor issues:

1. Clicking/swiping down to show the notification tray from top left side of the screen enters manage notifications manu instead of showing them. Probably a hidden button.

2. DSU Loader from developer settings seems gone.

3. There are untranslated strings in Polish language. Quick example is copy&paste menu. They're still in English.

4. Is there a way to disable this paralax effect on home screen? I quite dislike it.

5. The keyboard sometimes overlays conversations bubbles.


6. Dismissable notifiactions are not automatically dismissed when i've clicked on them. I still have to do that manually.

I've had a clean install.


  • I'm experiencing similar bugs as well, some which are different from yours that I'm experiencing are:

    1. The keyboard overlaps the text boxes when switching to emojis, have to use back button to fix it.

    2. Some swipes on the notification drop down area opens the app where the notification is coming from, happens 1 in 10 times but is still annoying.

    3. Some apps seem to function slower sometimes. Like 1 in 5 times, apps like Spotify and YouTube deliver delayed responses.

    I had a clean and smooth install as well, and to address some other old issue I even performed a factory reset after installing A11, yet experiencing some issues.

  • When playing games sometimes the screen is chop after scrolling down the notification panel and i had to restart the game to make it right.

  • And another one: Gloves mode doesn't work. There is no touch sensitivity gain.

  • I still have problem with cutted clock on notification panel. It's present only 2hen there is no notifications. After restart, when it's empty, it's shows "no notifications" message, but after couple hours of use, text dissappearing and clock is cutted.

  • Can you help me with the updates? I didn't recieved any update yet

  • Hi,

    I have updated 6z to Android 11 and noticed that when opening videos under Download section in Netflix is restating the phone

  • I have a bug when automatic call recording is enabled. I made so that it doesn't record for all numbers and also not unknown numbers, yet when I dial my voice mail, it seems to record no matter what. What is even more strange is that if I set it to not record calls from unknown numbers, it says I'm calling a private number whereas when I set it to do it, it aknowledges I'm calling my voice mail.

    So I may be missing something obvious but it sounds unlikely, because rebooting the phone seems to fix the auto-recording issue temporarily. I have only one contact for which auto-recording is set, and I have yet to know if it works properly, because I didn't talk to her since the update.

    Also another problem I have as a Talkback user which I didn't discover when I created my other thread: In the clock app, switching an alarm on or off will do nothing when Talkback is enabled. It will say yes or know, but won't take effect and there will be nothing in the statuce bar. So in order to activate an alarm I already created I have to disable Talkback.

    Note that I didn't factory reset yet, but I would like to know at least if someone is encountering the first bug I mentionned about automatic call recording and voie mail, if someone is interested in testing that.

  • Sorry about the late reply. I want to start by telling you all that even if I really do appreciate your help in gathering a lot of issues, I would prefer if you could do so in separate threads. I have a lot of work at the moment which is why I prioritize replying smaller threads. Threads like this are much harder to follow up on so please write max 3 issues per thread.

    ok, here goes

    • "Clicking/swiping down to show the notification tray...Probably a hidden button." Answer: I'm sorry but I'm not sure what you mean. Can you please show with a video?
    • DSU Loader from developer settings seems gone. Answer: It's not required to be there. We don't have it in any model
    • untranslated strings in Polish language. Answer: Please send me a PM with screenshots, write down the text that is wrong and what it should be.
    • a way to disable this parallax effect on home screen Answer: what parallax effect? Do you mean when going from lock screen to home screen?
    • The keyboard sometimes overlays conversations bubbles. Answer: Are you using stock keyboard?
    • Dismissible notifications are not automatically dismissed when I've clicked on them... Answer: I need to see a video
    • Gloves mode doesn't work. There is no touch sensitivity gain. Answer: Indeed, I will report this. Thanks!
    • opening videos under Download section in Netflix is restating the phone. Answer: Please reinstall netflix

    Have you added your voice mail as a contact? I didn't have any problem activating an alarm with talkback active.

  • After my android 11 update on my asus 6z, the following were the issues

    1. charging speed becomes less, it takes now 3 to 3.2 hrs from 0 to 100

    2. the battery backup is now worst, it just end within a day, not even one full day, previous it was two days

    3. some apps like Netflix, zee5 etc are not working, everytime I opened them they say please restart your device

    4. in mobile call the speaker sound has become so low, only one speaker is working, and the earpiece speaker is now so slow that you can't hear properly

    5. many apps are now very slow, phone hang a lot.

    6. some apps closes automatically, this never happened before

  • You're device seem to have serious issues that are way beyond normal bugs. Probably hardware issue.

    1. Backup your device
    2. factory reset or even better, downgrade to A10 and then upgrade to A11 again. This will give you a cleaner install than just doing a simple factory reset
    3. if it's not any better, then send for service
  • Hello Asus,

    i have following bug: No IPv6 connection via mobile data.

    After A11 update the APN settings "APN-protocol" and "APN-roaming-protocol" were set to IPv4 only. Changed to IPv4/IPv6 does not enable IPv6 connectivity. Set to IPV6 only, no connection to the network cell will be established.

    Can you reproduce the bug and maybe solve it please?



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    Bug with Android 11?

    I put phone into flightmode (the previous night supersaver profile had the same effect), both networks off overnight.

    When I disabled flightmode, mobile data connects but WiFi although connected to router has "no internet" underneath it.

    So I forget WiFi, re-enter the details, and reconnect, no difference.

    But if I turn off both mobile and WiFi and then turn on WiFi first, it connects!

    Restarting the phone also fixes it.

    You're gonna tell me to reset the networks aren't you?

    The last time I did that my account forgot all previously saved WiFi stations, a real pia!

    I had to reset the networks as my fix above was only temporary. I lost all of my saved networks, aargh! Time will tell if it's a lasting fix.



  • Boa tarde pra mim apareceu bugs diferentes como a opção de gestos não está respondendo corretamente para voltar a tela sempre volta para o início em qualquer app e não consigo mais bloquear apps esses são os que mais me incomoda no momento e os que percebi até agora.

  • Please create a separate thread if you're still experiencing this issue.

    If this issue happens every time then please create a separate thread

    I will close this thread as I don't want threads with multiple issues. They are impossible to track

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