Stupid Q: Does Zenbook connects to router using a USB-RJ45 cable?

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  1. System: Windows 10
  2. Battery or AC: N/A
  3. Model: Zenbook UX433FN
  4. Frequency of occurrence: N/A
  5. Reset OS: N/A
  6. Screenshot or video: N/A


Detailed description

I have been using wireless all these while, since I bought this Zenbook until recently when TM asked me to test my network connection using direct LAN connection. I have a USB to RJ45 cable (like the attached picture here) and I tried to use it to connect to the Internet. Can't seem to get it connected.

Then I realised that it doesn't have a (local) network adapter. Just a Bluetooth and a wireless adapter.

My stupid question is - Does this Zenbook has a network adapter (non-wireless) and can I connect this Zenbook to my router using a USB-RJ45 cable?

Thanks all!


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