Bug : Recent apps appears zoomed in

lf.asus.z7plf.asus.z7p Level 2
edited February 2021 in ZenFone 7 Series

Hello, some times the recent apps menu appears zoomed in like if the the recent apps menu did not showing

Each app appears full screen ( zoomed in compared to normal recent apps showing method) and i can swipe left or right to change app. The behavior is exactly like normal except that it is zoomed in.

It creates a confusion because i do not know whether i'm in an app or the recent apps menu.

I cannot send a log because it is not reproductable. Maybe many of you already had this issue.

I've screen record the issue and will be ok to share it with a moderator but not here in my post because personal infos appear in it.

My 7 Pro is on the latest version and have this issue from the 1st release version.


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